Kawasaki Featured ATV and UTV Accessories: May

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

Kawasaki, like all the other manufacturers, is well aware that many ATV and UTV owners spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on accessories. Rather than hand that money over to aftermarket companies, Kawasaki offers a wide array of accessories designed specifically for its machines.

This month, Kawasaki is featuring a number of these accessories, including skid plates, spare tire mounts, soft tops, and storage solutions.

KFX450R Skid Plates

Kawasaki KFX450R Skid Plate

If you are looking for some protection for the underside of your Kawasaki KFX450R, consider Kawasaki’s aluminum skid plates ($169.95 for main skid plate, $159.95 for the swing arm skid plate). Each is designed to offer additional protection for key components. According to Kawasaki, the durable, aluminum skids fit perfectly, ever time.

Teryx 750 Spare Tire Mount

Kawasaki Teryx Tire Mount

You can always throw a spare tire in the bed of a Kawasaki Teryx, but if it doesn’t leave you much room to carry anything else. This is where Kawasaki’s Spare Tire Mount comes in, as it allows you to mount your spare on the roll cage. Retailing for $299.95, the Spare Tire Mount is made of steel and features a power coated finish.

Mule Soft Top

Kawasaki Mule Soft Top

Anybody who’s ever been riding UTVs in the sun all day will appreciate a little protection. Kawasaki’s Mule Soft Top ($77.95) provides shade and weather protection. Made of weatherproof, 18 oz. fiber-reinforced PVC-laminate material, Kawasaki says the Soft Top installs easily with adjustable straps. It comes with a fiberglass support rod to shape peak and can be used alone or with a windshield. Note: The Soft Top must be removed for transport on open trailer or truck at speeds over 25 mph.

Brute Force Storage Canister

Kawasaki Brute Force Storage Canister

Sometimes you just need a little more storage space, which is why Kawasaki made the Brute Force Storage Canister ($34.95). This canister attaches to the right rear of the Brute Force and comes with a screw-on lid. All parts and hardware are included.

For information on these and any other Kawasaki products, visit Kawasaki.com.

Lucas Cooney
Lucas Cooney

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