Moose Unveils New Winch and Winch Cradle

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

ATV and UTV enthusiasts looking for a helping hand when the going gets tough may want to consider two new products from Moose Utility Division – an NRA by Moose 3,500 Pound Winch and a Receiver Style Winch Cradle.

3,500 Pound Winch

moose unveils new winch and winch cradle, NRA by Moose ATV Winch
NRA by Moose ATV Winch

NRA by Moose Utility Division provides ATV and UTV owners with a powerful 3,500 Pound Winch. Made to get equipment out of poor situations, the winch has a three-stage planetary gear train for smooth, efficient operation, while the patented roller disc brake offers control while operating the winch. The winch comes with 50 feet of 3/16” wire rope, plow roller fairlead, corded remote, and mini-rocker control switch with integrated socket. The motor and drive train are fully sealed to keep out the elements, making the NRA by Moose Utility Division 3,500 Pound Winch a reliable choice.

Additional product specifications are below. The 3,500 Pound Winch is now available from your local Parts Unlimited dealer.

3500 Pound Winch Product Information

* 3,500 lb of power to pull even the heaviest ATVs out of poor situations

* Features a three-stage planetary gear train, plow-style fairlead, 50 feet of 3/16” diameter wire rope and mini-rocker handlebar control

* Made in the USA

* Part Number : 4505-0477

* $528.95

Receiver Style Winch Cradles

Moose Winch Cradle

Moose Utilities Division has created a solution for securing your new winch to your ATV or UTV with the Receiver Style Winch Cradles. Available in either a 2 inch or 1.25 inch receiver hitch, the cradle will mount up to any two- or four-pattern winch that is up to 4,500 pounds. This cradle has a formed steel construction that has built-in handles, features a durable powder coat finish, and even accepts wide-drum winches. Both size Receiver Style Winch Cradles are available for $79.95.

The Receiver Style Winch Cradle is now available from your local Parts Unlimited dealer.

Receiver Style Winch Cradle Product Information

* Universal receiver mounted winch cradle fits almost any ATV or UTV with a 2” or 1.25” receiver hitch

* Mount any 2 or 4 bold pattern winch up to 4500 lbs

* Formed steel construction has built handles and features a durable powder coated finish

* Accepts wide drum winches

* Includes hardware and mounting pin/clip

* Quick disconnect plugs are included for a truly plug and play set up

* Made in the USA

* Part Number (2” Receivers) : 4505-0468

* Part Number (1.25” Receivers) : 4505-0469

* $79.95