Yamaha plans to take the covers off its highly anticipated Sport Side-by-Side on the first of September, but the California Air Resources Board (CARB) just gave us a sneak peak by releasing some information about the engine.

Yamaha released a teaser video about three weeks ago showing that the engine is a three-cylinder design, but CARB documents reveal both the engine size (998cc) and power (112 horsepower).

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Yamaha CARB Document

Also of note, the CARB document labels the transmission as M5. That tells us that there are five forward gears and it’s not a CVT or automatic. We are aware that Yamaha has a novel transmission solution for this vehicle, but are choosing not to disclose it at this time out of respect for Yamaha.

The CARB document also shows that there are two Special Edition versions of this model and all approved models so far come with power steering.

Sept. 1 can’t get here soon enough!



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Robert Blake says:

you guys are way behind , the Polaris site has more info on the Yamaha “banshee” than you do , WHATS UP? ///spy pictures too///

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