Polaris is well known for pushing the envelope with innovative new UTVs, but the Minnesota-based manufacturer also brings some interesting products to the market. Polaris’ new RZR DVR Camera Mirror continues that trend.

According to Polaris, the mirror allows users to record their ride with “amazingly stable” results. Front and rear wide angle cameras record in 1080p to an included 8GB SD card. To help increase visibility at night, the camera comes with infrared lighting.

RZR DVR Camera Mirror Rear

The mirror allows users to choose between front, rear or simultaneous front/back views while riding, which can come in handy while backing up and helps you position the front camera. You can record each view for playback or sharing.

Polaris’ RZR DVR Camera Mirror retails for $399.99. Click here for more information.

RZR Graphic Sport Roof

Polaris RZR Graphic Sport Roof

Another new Polaris product is the RZR Graphic Sport Roof. Available for two-seat and four-seat RZRs, the roof is molded from polycarbonate and Polaris says it is engineered to retain its shape in extreme heat and extreme cold.

A transparent sun roof lets in some light so you can see what’s happening above you. For additional protection from the elements, the roof extends beyond the over-structure cage and is designed to install in minutes.

Prices for the RZR Graphic Sport Roof start at $399.99. Click here for more information.



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