KC HiLiTES Unveils New Pro6 LED Light Bar

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
kc hilites unveils new pro6 led light bar
Light can be either radius or straight

KC HiLiTES has unveiled a new LED light bar – the Pro6.

“Powered by Gravity LED technology, the Pro6 is truly unique in that it is the first and only light bar on the market that has the capability to be either radius or straight,” KC HiLiTES says in a release. “The technology is built around KC’s Infinity Ring system, which is patent-pending and houses Gravity LED G6 optical inserts.”

Pro6 Features

  • Powered by Gravity LED G6 optical inserts – efficient, powerful, patented
  • Multiple G6 beam patterns available
  • Signature KC modular design is expandable to different widths
  • Infinity Ring system: patent-pending Pro6 design converts from straight bar to radius in seconds
  • High power output with low amperage draw

“From the start, the Pro6 was designed and engineered to be the most innovative and future-proof LED light bar on the market. For example, it is KC’s first LED light bar to feature its signature Gravity LED technology with deep reflector-based optics. It also has multiple G6 beam patterns to suit any lighting requirement,” KC HiLiGTS says in a release.

“Furthermore, the light bar is an all-encompassing modular, expandable, customizable, and extremely efficient design that allows it to adapt to a huge variety of applications. Its Infinity Ring system, for example, allows users to adapt it from a straight to radius bar with ease, meeting the requirements of the majority of potential users.”