Let’s face it, it’s not summer any more, and the possibility of hitting cooler and wetter riding conditions is quickly becoming a reality. Quality riding jackets are an essential piece of gear for those who take their off-road excursions seriously, making it the perfect time to consider the various options that have made our must-have list. To make the list, a jacket should be at least water-repellant, have ample room for movement, and (of course) look good. Here are five riding jackets that you should consider if you’re looking to get properly suited up for cool-weather riding.

Klim Traverse Riding Jackets

Klim Traverse

When you absolutely positively refuse to get wet, you should definitely consider the Klim Traverse. This is a true all-season jacket thanks to its GORE-TEX construction, keeping it both waterproof and breathable. Klim has also opted to use highly durable fabrics in the areas where you might expect excessive wear, so even though this is a slightly pricey option, it’ll last you for years.

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Moose Racing XCR Riding Jackets

Moose Racing XCR

Moose Racing cut its teeth making gear for the rough cross-country racing series, and its latest XCR jacket is a prime example of how dedicated the company is to making a durable, comfortable riding jacket to keep you on the trail. These waterproof riding jackets use a breathable material that lets you stay cool if you’re facing off against a warm-weather monsoon. Every part is built to withstand heavy off-road use, from the reinforced wear areas to the oversized zippers. If the weather changes, the XCR has a big rear pocket that allows the jacket to fold into a belt, letting you carry it at your waist.

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Fly Racing Patrol Riding Jackets

Fly Racing Patrol

These riding jackets are very popular, and with good reason. They are reasonably priced, and configurable for all-day comfort. With plenty of ventilation you can keep air moving around all day, or if temperatures rise a little too high for you, the sleeves zip off and turn the jacket into a vest. It has reinforced elbow pads, and a neoprene neck collar for comfort.

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Fox Legion Downpour Riding Jackets

Fox Racing Legion Downpour

Fox Racing makes some of the most stylish gear available, and their take on an off-road jacket is no exception—a little different, and very cool. The Legion is a form-fitting jacket with a TRUSEAL waterproof membrane, and 3L TRUMOTION 4-way stretch fabric construction. This means the jacket will allow full-range of movement, and keep you completely dry in the process. The Fox Legion Downpour riding jacket is also cut with a long tail to keep water from sneaking up on you from behind.

Shop The Fox Racing Legion Downpour Here

Frogg Toggs Rage Riding Jackets

Frogg Toggs Toad Rage

Up until now, you’ve probably thought that every jacket on this list was going to be over $100 and loaded with all kinds of features. What about one that’s simple, light, popular with motorcyclists and off-roaders, and is also on the cheaper side of things? Frogg Toggs is the answer. The Toad Rage (yes, punny) is precisely that—simple, lightweight, and waterproof thanks to its Toadskinz fabric. It even has pockets and a hood for those times when you’re not out on the trail. At less than $70, it’s a steal.

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