2011 Championship Mud Racing Series Finale Report

Rick Sosebee
by Rick Sosebee
Muddin' at the Farm

It’s been a long and dirty year for mud racers, and that’s not a reference to the tracks or the competition. The Championship Mud Racing Series, or CMR as most know it, wrapped up its season on Oct. 29, 2011 at Frederick’s Equipment & Marine (otherwise known as the Farm) near Decatur, Ala. and we were on hand to watch some of the best ATV and UTV mud racers compete for cash and bragging rights.

This is the only points and cash payout racing series in this demographic and it attracted the core racers of the mud world to rough it through eight events to claim a fistful of money and a wall full of trophies.

2011 CMR Finale

Starting in April mud racers from all over the southeast rolled into Southern Ridge ATV Park in the sleepy little town of Dozier, Ala. for what would certainly be the dirtiest time of their life. This would lead to at least one race a month for the next few months, leading up to the finale at the Farm. This is where we would find out who survived the eight-race series and who also would take the championship trophies home as proof that they could play hard.

2011 CMR Finale

One of the cool things about this final event was the many concerts organizers had planned around the races. Friday night the local talent came out to rip it up and on Saturday night the gang rolled out Ryan Couron and Nashville recording artist Randy Houser to entertain. The racing had been fierce all day and it was time to sit back, listen to some great music and, for some, dance the night away! There’s no reason why you cannot join them next year. With the awesome new team promoting the CMR there is bound to be excitement for all ages.

2011 CMR Finale

So would you play in the mud if you could win your share of $18,000 in cash and prizes? I think if you just took a chance and took the bet one time you too would be hooked! Check out ChampionshipMudRacing.com for all the series details.

2011 CMR Finale

2011 CMR Finale
2011 CMR Finale
2011 CMR Finale
2011 CMR Finale
2011 CMR Finale
CMR Final Round Results
Youth 1Youth 2Youth 3
1.Brandi Taylor1Chastity Taylor3Bryan Taylor
2.Chastity Taylor2Lexi Wylie2Reed Tarter
3.Lexi Wylie3William Blount3Lexie Wylie
Lite ClassBogger Class
1.Jonathan Scott1Sean Benton
2.Sean Benton2Timmy Lafontaine
3.Jay Arnold3Jonathan Scott
Pro APro BWomen’s Class
1.Casey Smith1Casey Smith1Beverly Day
2.Daniel Qualls2Sean Benton2Jerrie Albritton
3.Ethan Lafontaine3Timmy Lafontaine3Katie Perry
RUVSuper Modified
1.Brian Taylor1Jerrie Albritton
2.Brian Haughton2Mark Wise
3.Josh Monroe3Kenneth Miller

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Rick Sosebee
Rick Sosebee

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