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Rick Sosebee
by Rick Sosebee
Suzuki KingQuad 450
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This month our the Answerman tries to solve problems with a Suzuki KingQuad, Yamaha Grizzly, Honda Rincon, Yamaha YFZ450, Kawasaki Bayou, Suzuki QuadRunner and a troublesome offshore UTV (surprise!).

KingQuad Stuck in 4WD

2008 450 King Quad.

The front differential motor burned up so we replaced it now it keeps trying to run after its in 4wd and the motor gets hot it will not come out of 4wd now.

Bill Lee

I am just a little confused on the question. You say it keeps running, engine running, when you shut it off? If I can read through a potential typo here it seems you may have wanted to say it stays in 4WD even after the switch or lever is placed in 2WD then I can see that happening. There is a possibility that the motor went bad due to an issue in the front differential. If that diff has a broken 2WD/4WD shift fork or diff lock shift fork then this could cause your problem. These forks slide splined gears back and forth according to your demand for 2WD or 4WD. If a bearing has begun to go south you could also have a problem with this movement as it may not let the yoke or gear slide in the direction you want it to. What does the fluid in the differential look like? Check that out and get back to us.

Santa Has Bad Gas

I’ve bought a brand new 49cc quad for my boy for Christmas. It starts and runs fine but when I go to use the throttle it cuts out. I do that like 3-4 times then it won’t start at all. Got any ideas? Thank you.

Christian Watkins

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your machine. Especially since it is a Christmas gift as nothing can be more frustrating. The very first thing I would check is the choke on the carburetor. If it is stuck on or left on it could create this problem for you. Secondly, fuel issues in such a small engine are common and more so now that the fuel we rely on is total junk. There is a possibility that this ATV sat with fuel in it at the place you bought it or maybe it was hidden away in Santa’s workshop with fuel left in the carburetor for a couple weeks. If this is the case the gas most likely varnished the carb internally and it is in need of cleaning.

Choking Up

2001 Polaris Sportsman 500

How do you hook the choke up on a 2001 Sportsman 500 Polaris 4 wheel drive


When you say “hook up” do you mean installing a cable or turning on the choke? That’s the info I desperately need from you, otherwise we can’t dance. It simply screws into the side of the carburetor and the other end is located in the dash pod, held by a plastic nut.

You Get What You Pay For


I have a bmx xy500 that idles fine but when I give it throttle it bogs down and spits and sputters. I have noticed that the carb spits gas to the intake side. I tore the carb down and cleaned it. Its still doing same thing.


I just want to be frank with you, my friend. I’m not sure why but if I spotted this BMX XY500 model UTV you speak of (which I have never seen nor heard of) I think I’d just laugh, point and definitely not spend my hard earned cash on it. Now before you get all offended because this is all you could find or afford at the time ask yourself this question – did I really get a deal on this cheaper UTV to ride? You have spent money buying this machine and cannot get factory support for it. Plus, a company that has no better creative department than to name their machines by simply pulling letters of the alphabet out of a hat probably has nothing worth buying anyways.

Now on to your problem. It seems the carburetor is in need of a serious chemical cleaning and maybe even one you cannot give it. Get any kind of information you can off of the carb, replace all of the jetting (little brass do-dads inside) and see if that helps. This will only be possible if the dealer who sold you the machine is still around or has a bucket of leftover parts. Otherwise try and sell this thing and save up for a machine from a proven manufacturer.

When The Grizzly Comes A Knocking…

Yamaha Grizzly 660

I have a 2004 Yamaha Grizzly 660 that I bought new in 2004. It has approximately 450 hours and 2800 miles on it. When it’s very cold and I first start it, it makes a knocking noise that last for lets say 5 seconds. I have the choke fully open when starting it cold. It will not make the noise again until the next morning when I cold start it again. Other than the knocking noise when it first starts, it runs great and doesn’t use any oil. Any ideas on what the noise might be and what I should do about it?


Fred Pullin

I would say there is a great chance that it is time for a valve adjustment or cylinder service. Things shrink when they get cold and expand with heat. Think about it for a minute. If it is loose at first start it will rattle more than when it gets warmed up. I’m not saying the engine is dying, but with 450 hours / 2800 miles and not a mention of previous service I’d say you’ve gotten by long enough and its time to adjust or replace internal engine parts.

Rincon Stalling

2011 Honda Rincon


Have the following bike:

Year: 2011

Make: Honda

Model: Rincon

I purchased my Rincon new 4 years ago and I’ve had this engine stalling problem right from the start. If I get into a tight spot, e.g. boggy spot or very rough ground where I might need a few short bursts of power very quickly, (basically some quick revs when there is strain on the engine) the engine will just shut off with a little whining sound, and I have to restart the bike. It doesn’t happen every time but it is enough to make it a frustrating experience. It starts again right away and It has happened many times in four years. I’ve had it to the dealer and they checked it out (or at least they said they did) and can’t find anything wrong. A friend of mine bought a 2013 Rincon last year and guess what, the exact same thing happens to his and it’s always when giving quick burst with the throttle in tough spots when there is a lot of strain on the engine. Honda added an O2 sensor and catalytic converter to the 2015 and I’m wondering if it has something to do with fixing the problem that my buddy and I have. We’re the only two people in our town with Rincons’ and we both are experiencing the same problem, coincidence? I think not. Any ideas?

Besides for that I love the Rincon, for riding and towing work it has been great. The things I would like changed on it are: larger racks, more storage, and an extreme low range with a locking differential for those tough spots, which should be on all atv’s as far as I’m concerned.



Well, I’m not sure I could be of much help unless I actually experienced this personally. There is, however, a bank angle sensor (some call it a tilt sensor) on these machines that could be interrupting ignition signals. If you turn the machine over it is supposed to cut the engine to protect you and the machine. This could be getting jarred in the repetition of throttling the machine. The folks at may be able to help provide some more information, as some of them are bound to have had a similar issue.

Modded YFZ Has The Hiccups

2006 Yamaha YFZ450

I have a 2006 Yamaha yfz450 with two bros pipe, twin air filter, replaced stock cdi (redbox?), jetted with adjustable needle and fuel screw larger pilot and main, boyesen quickshot 3. The quad will run great WOT and just putting around. I get issues during mid throttle ranges when im holding speed through turns and slightly decelerate the bike will bog and then pop. If i hit the throttle hard it will bog a little more than take off like a rocket. Ive tried playing with the needle at all clip levels and the fuel screw. I can’t figure out if its a carb issue or if i have motor problems. please help me!



That is a lot of information to sift through. I bet you made all of these changes at once, right? If not, at what point or product change did you notice the mid-throttle problem? Here is a chart that describes the levels at which each segment of jetting works or has an effect on your fuel delivery to the engine.

Air Screw – Idle to 1/8th throttle on a two-stroke engine

Fuel Screw – Idle to 1/8th throttle on a four-stroke engine

Pilot Jet – 1/8th to ¼ throttle

Needle – ¼ to ¾ throttle

Main Jet – ¾ to full throttle

So taking this information and applying it to your situation I would start by really examining the spark plug after the engine is warm and ridden for about ten to twenty minutes. It sounds like you may be a little lean in the middle. Remember to make ONE change at a time to properly diagnose the situation. Changing several things all at once does nothing but mislead you.

Kawasaki Bayou 400

Bayou Making Him Blue

Hello, I have a Kawasaki bayou 400 ATV and was a grinding metal on metal noise for awhile when trying to start. now it just hums, i took out the starter and it was working fine, then i noticed some of the teeth on the fly wheel are broken off and grinded smooth’ would this be the reason its not starting and should i buy a new flywheel kit? I Just want to know what you think before i spend some cash on parts. thanks


It seems you have answered your own question. Anytime parts are broken/missing sections its good to get that fixed. Remember that those missing parts could be hiding down deep in the engine somewhere so be sure to search them out.

Motor Swap

Suzuki QuadRunner 250

Will a 250 suzuki quadrunner motor 2 wheel drive motor interchange into a 4wd motor, any one know?


I would need the exact year model for an exact answer. I can tell you that from 1999 to 2002 the Suzuki Quad Runner 250 in 2wd and 4wd both used the same engine cases so it is possible that they will interchange.

Is This A Question?

1983 Honda ATC200

I have to say the Honda ATC200 1983 year model was an awesome toy!!! My friend just blew it up (he’s an idiot…..well in the process putting the newer 86 185R motor…His word not mine….well besides his brother goes to start it after the installation and the chain yanked my friends thumb in and cuts it almost all the way off!–it’s sewed on and casted….didn’t know it could harm you when you’re off it…cause lord only knows how many times me and him have flipped the dawn thing….I liked drifting it in the mud!!! Anyways what led me to this article is my interest as I’m rebuilding and restoring a 1978 Yamaha DT400 :’)


Dang dude, a little non-caffeinated beverage may be in order for you! Good luck on the DT400.

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Rick Sosebee

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