Taking its roots from the Suzuki Z400, but with a whole new engine from Hyosung, the TE450 Rapier is a well-balanced, high-performance quad that can run along with its racing competitors on technical trails.

Though it doesn’t come from any of the Big 7 manufacturers (Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Can-Am, Arctic-Cat), there is a lot to like about Hyosung’s new engine. It’s a liquid-cooled, twin overhead camshaft, 4-stroke motor with four valves. According to the factory, it produces 52.4 hp in stock format and it pulls hard from low rpm. This is a strong-running, very rugged engine that can run alongside many of the Japanese quads. It also has tremendous potential to produce more power when modified.

Fuel is fed via a Mikuni 42mm carburetor from the 2.9-gallon tank. The gear box is a conventional five-speed unit with reverse that is engaged the same way as on the Suzuki Z400. The transmission is slick, precise and shifting gears on the Hyosung feels light and sure. Fast, full-power shifts down the straight are done effortlessly even without using the soft mechanical clutch.

Aggressive style, 52.4hp and a low price are the major advantages of the TE450 Rapier.Aggressive style, 52.4hp and a low price are the major advantages of the TE450 Rapier.

The Hyosung certainly impresses with its strong, solid power that is alive from idle until the rev limiter cuts in. It carburets flawlessly with no flat spots or hiccups. This engine is at home either on the flats or in the difficult trails because it is so controllable and hooks up really well.

Those fully adjustable piggyback reservoir shocks work great for the average riderThose fully adjustable piggyback reservoir shocks work great for the average rider
Thanks to its strong suspension and good ballance, the TE450 is easy to control and whip around corners.Thanks to its strong suspension and good ballance, the TE450 is easy to control and whip around corners.

The TE450 has great power for trails and won’t lose too much ground to the race-spec Japanese 450 quads with the throttle pinned. Although the other 450s are much faster, only more skilled or aggressive riders can cope with their harder-hitting power band and make use of their extra power. The average rider, in most conditions, will find the TE450 a little easier to deal with.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Suzuki Z400 was at the front of the line as far as race quads go and the TE450 shares much in common with its Japanese brother, including a very nice suspension package. The front and rear piggyback reservoir shocks are fully adjustable. The TE450 is set up for fast trail riding and feels plusher than race spec 450s, which often have settings suited mostly for MX tracks. It behaves very well around the corners for a short-width quad (49.2-inch wheelbase).

You can tell that Hyosung engineers did their homework when putting the new 449cc engine on the frame. The front end holds its line well and doesn’t tend to slide. Crisp, high revving power and steady steering let the TE450 drift around turns with true sports style and part of the credit has to go to the excellent Kenda tires.

The more you ride the TE450, the more you notice its impressive handling. It’s reasonably comfortable even at mellow cruising speeds, providing good control and bottoming resistance at higher speeds.

The TE450 performs perfectly in its element – aggressive trail riding – with a 150-175-pound pilot aboard. However, trying to go faster on a MX track or putting a heavier rider in the saddle and the suspension will bottom out frequently. There are plenty of aftermarket suspension specialists out there that can take care of the TE450 shocks and set them up to specific riders’ needs, but the average rider still will have fun on a trail course without getting tired with the stock setup.

The brakes perform very well under just about any circumstances.The brakes perform very well under just about any circumstances.
It's easy to get the Rapier airborne, but larger riders may bottom out the suspension on big jumps.It’s easy to get the Rapier airborne, but larger riders may bottom out the suspension on big jumps.

The TE450 is equipped with good brakes that impress you with the light lever action. Plenty of feel and power enables you to brake safely, even under panic situations. If you disconnect the lines from the rear distributor you will be able to increase the feel and separate the braking action at the two ends.

With all four wheels off the ground the TE450 doesn’t disappoint. It’s fairly easy to control its predictable power makes it easy for the average rider to launch the it off any available jump. Its neutral weight distribution keeps everything together and consistent during flight. The suspension setting is the main limit on how hard you want to ride the Rapier. The average rider, however, likely wouldn’t trade away the TE450’s trail comfort and handling ability for more bottoming resistance for jumps.

Hyosung does provide the new TE450 Rapier with an assortment of accessories at a reasonable price in order to enhance its protection and sport aesthetics. Nerf bars, skid plates for the double A-arms and swing arm and custom MX bumpers are all available. To enhance the TE450’s cornering abilities, a set of wheel spacers is a good idea. Also, a wider and slightly lower set of handlebars will provide with better leverage and more comfortable ergonomics.

Considering the tempting price and its performance for the average rider, the new Hyosung TE 450 Rapier is worth taking a look at. If you’re looking to win a pro GNCC or motocross race, it’s probably not the quad for you. However, if you just want to have fun in the trails and not spend a ton of cash it might make more sense than a 450cc race quad from the one of the major manufacturers that will cost between $2,000 and $2,400 more.

2008 Hyosung TE450 Rapier Specs
Engine Liquid cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, 4-stroke
Bore & Stroke 96 x 62 mm
Displacement 448.9 cc
Power 52.4 HP
Carburetor Keihin BSD42
Ignition CDI
Starting Electric
Transmission Manual shift, 5 speed with reverse
Drive Train Two wheel drive
Length 71.25 in (1,810mm)
Width 45.7 in (1,610 mm)
Wheelbase 49.2 in (1,250 mm)
Seat Height 34.8 in (850 mm)
Dry Weight 379 lb (171.9 kg)
Fuel Capacity 2.9 gal (11 L)
Frame Round mild steel chassis
Front Suspension Double A-arms with fully adjustable shocks
Rear Suspension Swingarm with linkage operated fully adjustable shock
Front Brake Hydraulic discs with single pot cliper/right hand lever
Rear Brake Hydraulic disc with single pot caliper including parking brake
Front Lights Body mounted 30W headlights
Rear Lights Tailight/brakelight
Indicators Neutral, high beam, reverse, overheating, low fuel and indicators
Colors Grey, red
MSRP $4,999



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