ATVs May Soon Be Allowed on Tennessee Roads Staff
by Staff
Proposed bill aims to bring tourism money to state

ATV riders in Tennessee may soon be able to ride on locally approved roads.

State Rep. Tony Shipley has sponsored the legislation, currently making its way through the Tennessee General Assembly. Shipley believes the bill could bring ATV-related tourism to the state and generate other state revenue.

“We’ve got people who want to ride but no place to ride,” Shipley told “The win-win for the state is you have to be licensed and have a tag.”

The proposed bill would require ATVs to be registered and have license plates – each costing $14.50. Additionally, local governments could charge ATV riders a fee (up to $25 per year) to use the roads. The bill would also make it possible for areas to have designated “ATV Days,” which would limit ATV use to those specific days. Staff Staff

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