Paul Rivera has sold 4 Stroke Power Inc., manufacturer of the Big Gun Exhaust brand, to Larry Riggs of Anaheim, Calif. “I am proud to have been a part of the 42% growth of the Big Gun Exhaust Brand in the last 16 months,” says Rivera. “I never planned on selling the company so soon, but a great opportunity came across my way which allows me to pursue my goals with my company Streamline Brakes & Controls. We will be releasing two new product lines and it will consume most of my time.

“I am greatly thankful to my awesome staff and customers for their support during my ownership of 4 Stroke Power Inc.”

Although much of the staff will remain with the company, Big Gun Exhaust says good bye to Kurtis Miller and Amanda Brock. They will remain with Streamline Brakes & Controls. They will be replaced by Kyle Tiedeman as general manager and Sue Bergevin as controller. Mike Young will also remain on the Big Gun sales team.

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