DRR Youth ATVs Pass Lead Tests

ATV.com Staff
by ATV.com Staff
Manufacturer is CPSC compliant

With much of the ATV industry reeling from the recent lead-content law that bans the sale of Youth ATVs containing lead, one manufacturer says its ATVs already comply with the new law.

DRR ATVs of Brunswick, Ohio says it was aware of the impending law for months and made the appropriate changes to its ATVs. DRR attempted to clarify the situation in a letter it sent to the ATV media and DDR dealers.

Dear DRR ATV Dealers,

DRR x2 70 ATV

There have been many rumors and questions regarding Youth ATV sales most of them are unfounded. There are several pieces to this puzzle and all of them are intertwined. I hope to reduce the rumors for our dealers and customers. There is a new law signed into affect a few months ago by President Bush and we as a company were aware of and prepared for these changes for months.

Part A – Lead in products for the youth market – which currently affects all youth products for sale in the US.-The Federal Hazardous Substance Act

Fact It is retro active-(regardless of date of manufacture it covers all inventory)

Fact There is no such thing as a Racing Exemption it is Federal Law.

Fact The fines are severe $100,000 fine per incident to dealers and importer

Fact There is a stay of enforcement for 1 year from the CPSC. However local officials and the State Attorney General can enforce this because it is the LAW. That is why the big four have chosen not to sell their current youth ATVs.

Fact #5 DRR has passed ALL LEAD TESTING

Ask your supplier if they have a copy of their lead certificate on file and ask if can you have a copy.

Part B The second part of the equation Mandatory Action Plans which require approval from CPSC (General Counsel)

Fact #1 Due last year 8-15-08

Fact #2 DRR ‘s action plan was received and reviewed on time.

Fact #3 There is NO such thing as a Racing or ” US” made Exclusions.

Fact #4 Fines up to $100,000 per incident to the dealer and importer.

Fact #5 Over 50 items were changed for DRR production to comply.

Fact #6 250cc and up are adult ATVS ONLY and should be sold as such.

Penalty to dealers are severe -who do not sell to the appropriate age group All ATVs should be sold to the appropriate age group.

Advice to our dealers

Do not sell any ATVs from suppliers that can not provide the following:

Ask your supplier if they have an Action plan on file and for proof of submission.

As of 2/09/2009 only the big manufactures and DRR had complied.

Ask for a copy of the certificates for compliance with The Federal Hazardous Substance Act – it is required. The dealers or retailers are held as responsible as manufacturers for sales of this product. If you knowingly purchase a product from someone who is not compliant you will be fined accordingly. ($100,000.00 per incident)

I hope this has cleared a few things up. All of our dealers can sell DRR knowing that we are compliant with all new changes. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at any time. THANK YOU for choosing our product.




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