Thumbs up! QuadBoss has a hot new idea for heated grips. A thumb warmer has been integrated into the popular heated grip line from QuadBoss.

“The new grip design gives the user a five-level temperature controller that lets them accurately adjust the grip temperature,” says Jason Baldwin, Brand Manager for QuadBoss. “No one will have to worry about uncomfortable temperatures while they ride anymore. These grips will keep your hands warm even in the coldest temperatures.”

The heated grips fit all ATV makes and models that have a thumb throttle. The kit includes everything needed to easily install the grips and they are suitable for 12-Volt DC applications. Designed to deliver heat faster than traditional heated grips, they have been manufactured from a specially selected rubber material that gives the rider a secure, comfortable grip in all types of weather. They are resistant to damage even at high temperatures.

QuadBoss heated grips can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky/ Biker’s Choice dealer.



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