Poll: Should the BLM Have Left the Crashed Airplane in the Glamis Dunes?

Seth Fargher
by Seth Fargher
poll should the blm have left the crashed airplane in the glamis dunes
What's your theory on how it got there?

Some would argue that having a destination to ride to is much more fun than simply riding in circles in the dunes. In Glamis you’ve got the swing set, the flag pole and for a short period of time, the mysterious airplane that suddenly appeared.

Apparently the BLM wants to make sure that Glamis doesn’t become a landfill for people to dispose of old equipment (rightly so) and has elected to haul off the airplane. Would you have liked to see it left as a waypoint or do you think it’s better that it was removed? Below is a video of the BLM Rangers hauling a portion of it away.

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