Users seem to be divided in their aesthetic opinions of Yamaha’s new YXZ 1000R. Some people love it while many have been searching for a solution to enhance the overall appearance. Whether you love it or hate it, here are seven awesome YXZ1000Rs that we wouldn’t have to think twice about driving.

It’s hard to tell, but the wrap is actually made to look like carbon fiber.

Trinity Racing and SDR Motorsports worked with Glazzkraft to find a solution to cover up those front shocks.

One of the fastest women on four wheels, Cory Weller. 

Not overly LOUD, but this YXZ is super clean with a nice custom cage.

Some people spare no expense on their toys.

This was one of several YXZ1000Rs that competed at the UTV World Championships.

This one looks almost too mean to drive.


Pretty happy with the way this thing came out! #yxz1000r What’s everyone think?

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