Gates Announces Expansion of G-Force Product Portfolio With WorkHorse Staff
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Gates, a prominent manufacturer in power transmission and fluid power solutions, and a pioneer in belt-driven powersports applications, has unveiled an expansion to its G-Force product line with the addition of the G-Force WorkHorse CVT belt.

Design and Purpose

The G-Force WorkHorse CVT belt is a newly engineered solution specifically targeted at UTVs and ATVs. Its design facilitates movement through challenging jobs and rugged terrain. This belt is manufactured using a patented, fiber-reinforced Ethylene Elastomer compound, coupled with aramid cords. The resulting product offers increased performance and heat resistance, which enhances both durability and load-carrying capability.

Features of the G-Force WorkHorse CVT Belt

  • Extended Belt Life: Compared to the original Gates G-Force line, the WorkHorse belt's life is up to 2 times longer.
  • Heat Recovery: The belt can recover from temperatures reaching up to 175°C (338°F) without glazing or hardening.
  • Versatile Compatibility: It offers “drop-in” compatibility with various off-road vehicles for diverse terrains like trail, mud, and sand, without needing specialized belts for each type.
  • Increased Flexibility: The design features added flexibility, which aids in reducing internal heat buildup.


The G-Force WorkHorse belt is compatible with a wide array of UTV & ATV models up to 800cc, including brands such as Polaris Ranger, Can-Am/BRP, Kawasaki Mule, among others. Gates plans to add more vehicles throughout 2023, extending coverage to all principal makes and models of UTVs, ATVs, and snowmobiles.

Sunsetting of Existing Lines

With the introduction of the WorkHorse, Gates will progressively phase out the original G-Force and G-Force C12 product lines. Tom Pitstick, chief strategic officer for Gates, stated, “G-Force WorkHorse was designed to simplify our product offering for our customers. One belt that outperforms two existing products regardless of where or how the customer uses it.” He further highlighted the reliance on the latest material innovations to maintain optimal performance in various applications, from farming to trail riding. Staff Staff

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