BFGoodrich Unveils First UTV-Specific Tire

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
BFGoodrich UTV Tire Studio
Baja T/A KR2 UTV tire unveiled at Baja 500

Jackson Motorsports Group (JMG) unveiled the new BFGoodrich Baja T/A KR2 UTV tire at the 47th Annual Bud Light SCORE Baja 500 in Baja California, Mexico.

This is the first UTV-specific tire produced by BFGoodrich, which is engineered with CoreGard technology. According to BFGoodrich, the tire offers superior performance and increased mobility in soft soils, enhanced traction in mud and improved braking in loose and rocky soil.

“We have developed a winner in the KR2 desert race tire,” says Chris Baker, BFGoodrich racing director. “It’s become sought after in several classes from Trophy Trucks to Class 1 and Class 10. Our BFGoodrich race tire engineers have been able to design the tire so it meets various specifications while maintaining the toughness and performance needed in the desert. With the KR2 now available in the growing UTV race class, we continue charging forward with our goal of providing the best desert race tires to the broadest collection of racers. The KR2 is on its way to becoming the go-to race tire in the desert.”

Brandon Schueler Structure Test

Racers and UTV aftermarket builders were on hand to test out the tires.

“They grip better, they stop better, they turn better ….. everything about them is far superior than the KM2,” says Brandon Schueler (Team Jagged X).

“Just finished first half of the PRERUN. We gave hell to these tires and look like new. No flat, no issues, everything good. And the course is something else,” says Alonzo Lopez (GlazzKraft).

Alonzo Lopez Tire Testing

“We’re thrilled to partner with BFGoodrich Tires to launch their first UTV-specific tire,” says Todd Steen, executive director of sales for JMG. “We knew it was a huge request – asking them to engineer a durable, UTV-specific tire that is lightweight, offers a long oval footprint for better feedback in the corners, and a tread face that conforms to the infinite terrain possibilities drivers encounter in off-road environments. In doing so, we upped the ante by asking them to develop a 30” tire, one the market aspires to use once they’re serious about competition and winning races. Our testing prior to this weekend’s Baja 500 made it clear that BFGoodrich succeeded in bringing all that we asked for and more!”

Racers and UTV enthusiasts can learn more about these tires by calling 1.800.RACEBFG or visiting

Lucas Cooney
Lucas Cooney

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