Most Iconic Can-Am Models

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The Can-Am brand of ATVs and SSVs has a well-earned reputation for breaking new ground. Here are six of the most iconic Can-Am models in the brand’s history.

When you think of Can-Am what comes to your mind first? There are many great models from this company, but when asked we sat down and thought of the most iconic Can-Am products the brand has built in its history as a big player in the off-road industry. Although there were plenty of products to be pondered, it seems the most defining machines came about around the fall of 2005. This is when the first big ATV from then Bombardier had been released and it was just a hint at things to come. Here are a few that made an impression on us. As well as the entire industry.

Bombardier Outlander

This first big utility from the family known as Bombardier at the time set up an incredible run for Can-Am to build a solid foundation of pride and robust reliable products The Outlander gave us the industry’s first TTI trailing arm suspended 4×4 and that was just the start. Using the big V-Twin as a power plant would also propel this company into the future as a solid competitor. Add in the fact that the Two-Up luxury had also been added to the fold and the latest in working class fun machine had entered the market.

Can-Am Renegade

Can-Am Renegade 850

Hoping to capture the world of Sport Utility riders and racers Can-Am gave us this beautiful machine for the 2006 model year. With its debut in fiberglass fenders during the 2006 model launch, select desert racing teams had already begun the task of making it their own. This is also when the company officially changed its branding from the mother ship Bombardier, to its 70s racing heritage of Can-Am! The Renegade was based on the Outlander chassis with some suspension as well as overall looks changed so it would become its own beastly ride. Using that same Rotax power plant, this wicked ride would pull attention from other brands with similar platforms. The iconic Can-Am Renegade went on to become its own class in the cross-country world of off-road racing and landed a solid spot in the future of the sport.

Can-Am Commander

This was the Canadian company’s very first jump into the world of Side-by-Sides and man it was a giant step with great results. Dropping the big Rotax V-Twin power plant into the chassis of a very well thought out Side-by-Side made this machine an instant hit. The fighter jet-style cockpit made riders feel instantly invincible and it was on from there! The real thrill was when the gas pedal met the floor pan and all hell broke loose!

Can-Am Outlander X mr

Can-Am Outlander X MR 650 Trail

Getting muddy is a sport that has one of the largest followings in the southern United States. When Can-Am decided to jump into the spotlight with the Outlander X mr version of its popular utility machine, it seems the world of mudding just exploded. Joining forces at first with Gorilla Axle out of West Monroe, Louisiana, the CMR series with Can-Am had begun to challenge other manufacturers who were standing in their way to the top spot. Many other manufacturers followed suit and with only a year or so under its belt, Can-Am had this portion of off-road under its control.

Can-Am Maverick X3

We cannot mention the Maverick X3 without first giving the nod to the original and iconic Can-Am Maverick that launched yet another great time in the Can-Am history as well as a turbocharged offering from this company. The original Maverick was a force and display of power that would eventually lead to the historic rise of usable power output in the world of Side-by-Side off-road. Testing the Maverick in whoops of the Glamis Dunes at speeds topping 70mph we thought it couldn’t get better. But oh, were we wrong. Enter the Maverick X3 and now you have a machine that not only captures 172hp from the Rotax power and turbo set-up, but has suspension to match. This impressive machine is leading the charge to take back market control from the competition. The best part is that it is just the tip of that iceberg.

Can-Am Defender

2017 Can-Am Defender XT Towing

Although the Can-Am Commander could be used as a utilitarian-style machine, it was this long-awaited, purpose-built Can-Am Defender that was well received and has made its mark in the world of hard work. Here again we see the massive amounts of torque and power displayed from the Rotax engines as well as its stunning capability to tow an impressive 2000 lbs. With innovative features that are incredibly captivating, we find the removable glove box and under-seat storage kept our attention while the power delivery management switches gave us insight to the future of the sport. The Can-Am LinQ system also gives the user expandability for a diverse world of uses and that’s what real working men and women need.

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