The Innovative Engineering That Goes Into Every Can-Am Model

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When it comes to innovative engineering and forward-thinking ideas in off-road vehicles, Can-Am takes a back seat to nobody.

We know that millions of dollars are poured over the innovative engineering that goes into every Can-Am model, but do you recognize any of these features? Often times we overlook or take for granted the extreme amount of luxury we get from Can-Am. Is it because maybe we have come to expect it or maybe simply because it is smoothly introduced from a company that is always coming up with new features to better our ride? Either way, there is no denying the master minds behind some of the most well thought out items on our favorite Can-Am ATVs and SSVs.

Here are just a few of the items you can look at and say “Wow, what an incredible thought process to be able to forecast that far ahead for such an ever-changing industry.” I am sure we might miss one of your favorites, so be sure to let us know what that was!

DESS (Digitally Encoded Security System)

Do you know that without the proper key you will not get the fire to breathe from within a Can-Am ATV or Side-by-Side? This ingenious little trick is tied into the computer of the machines and it has to have a preprogrammed key to allow the rig to crank. Keeping the Can-Am product you love safe straight from the factory is the goal of Can-Am and this is just the first innovation in our list, but one that adds a hidden value most never think about!

Integrated Storage Options

Can-Am Defender Removable Glovebox

When it comes to providing innovation in the way of storage, the first and latest way the Can-Am engineering team adds to the list is through the Can-Am Defender storage boxes. These simple storage box options provide not only space for the things needed on the trail, but these are removable as well. They create even more space when removed while doubling as on-the-job carry-alls. If you go back a few years, the first sight of focus on storage for Can-Am might have been the hidden storage box under the bed of the Can-Am Commander.

TTI Trailing Arms

Developed for the ATV first back in the 1990s, this single pivot point style rear suspension was innovated to not only reduce trail scrub of the rear wheels, but to provide better handling and performance of the machine in general. Now this was a huge difference when it came to the traditional IRS, but it has been proven to be a very good design over the years and is on every model now!

Dynamic Power Steering

We all have our thoughts on power steering and the effect it has had on making the toughest trails smooth like butter, but one company has innovated a way to give you a chance to choose just how much steering help you get. Can-Am’s Tri-Mode power steering is not only revolutionary for the industry, but the innovation built into the Min/Med/Max control of the assist gives riders just one more way to get excited on how this company cares for you and the added benefits.

Custom Driver – Passenger Experience

Can-Am Maverick Trail Seats

If you have ever sat down into the cab of a Can-Am SSV, then you know immediately what we are talking about. For example, the engineering that went into the Ergo-Lok cockpit in the Can-Am Maverick Trail wraps you and your passenger up and provides a very confidence-inspiring feeling before you ever start the machine. Reaching over into the center console and pressing the start button is just one more way it lights the fire for the off-road. With heavily bolstered seating wrapping you up and a mid-body level console down the center, it is no surprise that people fall in love with the cab. This isn’t just a Side-by-Side experience, though, as the ATV segment from Can-Am also gives the rider a comfortable and controlled feeling in the saddle. The two-up machines make your passenger feel a part of the ride with secure, more stadium seating styling. Comfort and confidence in the entire experience is just one more innovation for the off-road where Can-Am kept you in mind the entire time!

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