Textron Prowler Pro Crew Ranch Edition vs. Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT Ranch Edition

Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler
It turns out that the latest multi-passenger utility UTVs from Textron and Kawasaki have more in common that the Ranch Edition label. Which one is the best fit for your spread? Let’s let these doggies square off by the numbers, partner.

It’s not a secret that the Utility category for UTVs is the driving force behind machine sales. We’ve discussed before that the Recreation and Sport machines are the sexy picks, but when it comes down to moving units off the sales floor and into the hands of consumers, the Utility category leads the way. Most farmers and ranchers use their machines for serious work, and they equip them with accessories to that end. However, it has been proven that these same folks are using the machines for general transportation as well. The idea of a Ranch Edition started with trucks, as the major truck manufacturers started selling Ranch Edition pickup trucks that had all the bells and whistles needed for working around the farm, but with an added touch of luxury trim for doing a little bit of “showing off” after the chores are done. The same can be said for the latest crop of Ranch Edition UTVs from almost every major manufacturer.

The new Textron Prowler Pro Crew Ranch Edition has several things in common with Kawasaki’s Mule Pro-FXT Ranch Edition, which was the first officially offered “Ranch Edition” UTV. Which one is the better fit for you? Here’s a little more info to help you decide.

Chery picking

There is no hiding the fact that both machines have the same basic engine. It is an automotive-style 812cc three-cylinder, four-stroke motor with electronic fuel injection. While Kawasaki doesn’t make an official horsepower claim, Textron states its version puts out 50 horses. Both motors are sourced from Chery Engines, a Chinese company. Don’t let that sway you, though. Chery has been building engines for companies for decades and is well known for a reliable and durable product.

2019 Textron Prowler Pro Crew-Ranch Edition Action

Kawasaki has been using this engine since the beginning of the Mule Pro line. It makes impressive power and torque with 48 lb-ft at 3,500 rpm. The Textron is very similar. The biggest differences in the engines comes in the throttle assemblies. Textron uses a closed-loop EFI with a catalyst. Kawasaki runs a 34mm throttle body direct injection system. Both work extremely well at providing fuel delivery.

Ranch Packages

Textron’s Ranch Package for the Prowler Pro Crew starts off with a sweet-looking Atomic Copper color. From there, it added a roof, front brush guard, 4,500-pound Warn winch, rear bumper, special edition cut-and-stitched seats and 27-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires. This brings the length of the Textron up to 161.2 inches and the weight up to 1,993 pounds.

2019 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Ranch Edition Emblem

Kawasaki’s Mule Pro-FXT Ranch Edition includes a really deep Metallic Rustic Bronze paint job and specialized Ranch Edition badging. The seats are embroidered with the same Ranch Edition badging, too. There is also a 4,000-pound Warn ProVantage winch. The weight for the Kawasaki tips the scales at 1,962.5 pounds curb weight. The length is 135.6 inches.

Advantages Either Way

You may have just noticed that the Mule is around 30-inches shorter than the Prowler Pro. It’s due to the bed differences between the two machines. The Textron has a back seat that stays a back seat all the time, and a dumping cargo bed that remains the same size. The Kawasaki has its well-designed Transcab, where the back seats fold down and extend the size of the cargo bed to mammoth proportions. It gives the Kawasaki additional flexibility for cargo and a shorter wheelbase – 92.3 inches compared to 118.5 inches.

2019 Textron Prowler Pro Crew-Ranch Edition Studio

The Textron is a bigger machine and gives you some more options as far as using the dumping cargo box while you have passengers in the back seats. One major advantage to the Prowler is the noise, or lack thereof. Textron put a lot of engineering effort into making the machine extremely quiet. It is one of the quietest Utility machines ever.

2019 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Ranch Edition Studio

So, which do you want? They’re both great machines and honestly you can’t go wrong. The Prowler has a 12-moth warranty while the Mule carries the Kawasaki Strong three-year warranty. The Prowler Pro Crew Ranch Edition will run you $17,199, while the Mule Pro-FXT Ranch Edition will set you back $16,999. Saddle up and ride on into your local dealer to check one out for yourself, partner.

Derrek Sigler
Derrek Sigler

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