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Suzuki pilot takes over points lead

Rockstar Makita Suzuki‘s Josh Creamer pulled out his second win in a row at the Birch Creek National, in Danville, Va., in a thrilling, fast-paced second moto that saw four different riders take the lead. Creamer now sits at the top of the points standings of the 2010 ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship. His teammate Dustin Wimmer took second ahead Yamaha‘s Thomas Brown.

“I’m really thrilled we got the win,” says Creamer. “We didn’t get holeshots this weekend, I was actually getting too much traction leaving the gate so I was struggling keeping the power under control. We worked our way through the pack both motos and ended up winning. Even if we don’t get holeshots we can still work our way up through.

“Everything on the bike was working good. The Rockstar Makita Suzuki was working awesome. The Fox Shocks were working well. I could get the bike wherever I wanted. It was hard to pass on the track so I had to stick it in there and have to make the passes happen. The second moto, we got a little bit of lead at the end of the race and that sealed the win.”

Josh Creamer takes over ATV MX points lead.

The morning broke with overcast skies, but soon a blistering sun broke through, and temperatures in the nineties tested riders’ fitness. But Defending Champion Dustin Wimmer was undeterred as he first took the first moto.

In that first moto, Harold Goodman took the holeshot, but faded early as Wimmer catapulted to the front of the pack followed by Baldwin Motorsports PEP’s Josh Upperman in second, and Motoworks Can-Am‘s Chad Wienen in third. While Wimmer held onto the lead the entire race, Creamer started creeping his way to the front, and moved into second place behind Wimmer after passing Upperman and Wienen. In the end, Creamer finished less than an ATV’s length behind Wimmer. Upperman finished in third.

In moto 2, Wimmer returned in full force to take the holeshot. From there on, a bevy of riders took over the lead. Wimmer traded the lead to Upperman in the fourth lap when his seat surprisingly came off. Upperman led for two laps until Yamaha’s Thomas Brown snatched the lead. Creamer, working his way back through the pack after a 6th place start took over the lead for the last 4 laps to take the win.

Dustin Wimmer held on for second overall despite losing seat in moto 2.

Motoworks Can-Am’s John Natalie took second in the moto after working his way from a seventh place finish to second by the 10th lap. Yamaha’s Thomas Brown finished third after a solid performance that saw him in the top three riders the entire 12 lap race.

“I’m super pumped about my finish,” says Brown. “We got two great starts, the second one we came out third. We led several laps in the second moto. It got us on the podium and I’m happy just to be there. Every race is getting better and better.”

Creamer took first overall, with Wimmer in second and Brown in third.

“I had a good first moto,” says Wimmer. “My teammate and I battled it out a little bit. In the second moto, I got off to a good start and then my seat fell off on the third lap and there just wasn’t too much I could do besides try to hang on. I had to stand a lot and my legs were giving out and I had to let people go by so I didn’t crash. I just tried to suck it up and get as many points as I could.”

In the Pro-Am Production class, Chase Snapp carried over his success from round two to take the overall win with 2-1 moto scores. Travis Moore finished second with 4-3 moto scores, and Marc Winchester was third with 6-2 moto scores. Moore took the moto 1 holeshot while Winchester got out first in moto 2.

The series travels next to the Sunset Ridge MX in Walnut, Ill. on May 15-16.

Birch Creek MX ResultsATV Motocross Pro Class Standings
1.Josh CreamerSuzuki2 – 11.Josh CreamerSuzuki131 (2 wins)
2.Dustin WimmerSuzuki1 – 52.Dustin WimmerSuzuki129 (1 win)
3.Thomas BrownYamaha4 – 33.Chad WienenCan-Am103
4.John NatalieCan-Am6 – 24.John NatalieCan-Am102
5.Jeremy LawsonWalsh7 – 45.Thomas BrownYamaha96
6.Chad WienenCan-Am5 – 76.Josh UppermanHonda94
7.Patrick BrownYamaha9 – 67.Jeremy LawsonWalsh85
8.Greg GeeHonda10 – 88.Joe ByrdHonda71
9.Josh UppermanHonda3 – 179.Patrick BrownYamaha66
10.Clay HolmesSuzuki12 – 910.Greg GeeHonda52 Staff Staff

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