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Rick Sosebee
by Rick Sosebee
Broken belts, bad gas, and axle issues

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Check Your Belt

I have a 2015 Polaris 900 EPS Trail. It’s been running great, but the other day It quit going. It won’t move in any gear. R, L, or H. It just revs up. It shows what gear it’s in, just won’t move

I would say you either have a slipping or broken belt in the transmission. If you have gotten into any deep water you could have gotten the belt wet and the CVT cover has a drain to check for water in the CVT box. Start there and then move on to removing the entire cover and checking the belt.

Translation Required
2007 Yamaha Grizzly 660

Hi, im having a problem with my 07 660 grizzly it runs fine un2 i hold it full throttle then then motor cuts out n the dash plays up when it cuts out all the gear lights flass from low 2 park n tep light comes on? Then when i back the throtle off the motor comes back 2 life n dash back 2 normal any info (help) woulld be greatly appreciated cheers clint?

This is not a place for a text message. I’d say you wrote this question in a panic. I haven’t had to decipher short hand since high school. Check the battery and charging system to be sure there are no problems and get back to us.

Wonky Wiring

With quad running if i put side hand shifter in neutral or pull left hand brake on starter engages replaced starter relay twice still does it please help

First thing would be to tell me what kind of machine you are working on. It helps me to know that. There is a short in the wiring somewhere. It is possibly on the handle where the starter button is. Water, rust and mud can ruin connections inside the housing so look there first. Any slight bump or touch of the bars could engage it. You need to focus, disassemble the start switch / button and if its not there take off any plastic blinding the view of the harness to locate the issue.

Grinding Gears

Hi I have a 1998 Foreman, the rear axle stripped so we took it apart on one side, tacked the differential gear in the proper place, then took it apart and welded it together. We put it all back together but now there is a grinding noise once you get up to about 15kmh but were not sure if its coming from the axle or not, any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Well I can appreciate the valid try at repair because I’d have to say I might have tried the same thing. Unfortunately, with gearing there is a certain amount of space between the gears and if not in the proper place there will be problems. Obviously I cannot see or feel the axle in motion, but if you want a starting point I would check the bearings in the rear end first. Something caused the axle to strip and it could have been a hot and binding bearing.

Cold Weather Sucks
Hisun 800 UTV

Mr. Answer Man,

I read about your help offer in the Newsletter and this is my situation:

Name: Juan

Vehicle year: 2012

Brand name: Hisun 800

Problem: When starting engine in cold it hardly holds the min. rpm, when accelerator pedal is not depress. Once engine warms up it works ok. The injection type is EFI. Should be possible to increase the rpm just in cold?

All engines have different temperaments, but with EFI you shouldn’t experience low idle issues when cold. That’s typically a carbureted engine issue. I would take the machine back to the dealer where you bought it and have them plug a computer into the UTV to set a higher idle. You might be able to adjust the throttle cable, but I’d say that could give you starting issues from the throttle position sensor.

Warm Weather Also Sucks

I have a 2002 king quad that starts and runs great when cold. Once it heats up (10 min to 1 hour depending on air temperature) it acts like it is running out of fuel. Once it cools down it runs fine until it heats up again. I know it is getting fuel because I have removed spark plug thinking it may have gone bad, turned the engine over to check spark and fuel came out the plug opening. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

This can be a little tricky. The fact that fuel is flowing into the cylinder seems to be a stuck float or trash in the carb not allowing the needle to close very well. If it were mine, I would allow the cylinder to dry out, leave the plug out and spin the engine over a bit, and then reinstall a new plug. Crank the engine and try riding it for at least 10 minutes. Once the engine dies, pull the plug and assess the condition of the plug. If it’s black or wet then you’re getting way too much fuel in and the carb needs to be serviced.

Hub Won’t Budge

Hi, I have a 2006 350 Honda Rancher 2wd and I’m trying to change the front wheel bearing. I’m having trouble removing the hub any suggestion would be greatly. Appreciated.

The hub can become stuck due to worn brake shoes, dust and dirt etc. I would say the brake adjuster can be backed off and loosened up enough to give you the room you need to remove the hub. An OEM service manual for that machine will come in handy for this process.

Glue Is Not a Viable Brake Repair Tool!
Reflex Brake Lever

We rolled the Polaris over breaking the handbrake and headlight housing. Is there a epoxy or metal glue that actually works, or do I have to replace the whole brake assembly?

I know this is not what you want to hear, but do not under any circumstances try to repair a broken brake system with epoxy or weld putty. If you ride your machine repaired this way, you are putting yourself at great risk of serious injury or worse. Buy new parts or, if that’s not an option, even used parts are better than jerry-rigged repairs.

Electrical Problem vs. Bad Valve Job

I have a 2003 KFX400. New plugs, carb and battery. Push start just fine but it wont crank with electric start. It just rolls over with a backfire then nothing.

I’d say you could have an electrical issue, though a bad valve adjustment can cause the same problem. These heads wear and if you have not had any work on the top end you’ll need to check the valve clearances. I would guess that this 2003 model might even need seats and valves. But, I digress. Check the electrical out first and then go to the worst case with the head. Are all your connections clean and is the starter solenoid in good condition? Check those items and see if that doesn’t help you get rolling quickly.

That Doesn’t Sound Right

I have a 2004 or 5 Honda Bombardier Rally. There is a ringing noise coming from the front clutch. The belt looks good and the back clutch looks o.k. When I slip off the belt I still hear the ringing sound from the front clutch. This is usually at lower speeds and it is gradually getting louder. Any ideas on the problem?

Well, I’d say your first issue is really in indentifying the make of your ATV. Honda and Bombardier are two separate companies and compete against each other for market share. So with that said, I bet it’s just a Bombardier Rally. My first thought is that worn bearings or bushings are causing the ringing noise. This could be in the clutch or it might even be inside the engine. Drain the oil and see what condition it is in. If there is any reflective material in the oil then you have at least narrowed the search for the squealer.

Knock, Knock
2010 Kawasaki Teryx

2010 Teryx 750 4×4 Side by Side. When I back up it has a loud knocking noise. Does not do it going forward.

This could be a broken axle or an axle that is about to give up. I’d jack the machine up off the ground and try to spin each wheel forward then back to reveal the problem. If it is not in the axles then listen closely to the front and rear differentials. This should expose your problem. Good luck.

New Axle Not Locking In

Hey, I have a 2010 can am outlander 800, lifted 4 inches with a super atv lift and 31 inch outlaws and full hmf exhaust with power commander. My rear right axle is brand new and it will not lock in. It works fine for a while and then I will look back and the side that goes to the rear differential has fallen out. I was wondering if you had an idea of why its doing this? All other axles are fine. Thanks!

There are plenty of reasons for the lack of connection between the axle and rear diff housing. On lifted machines the suspension components are under even more extreme stress and apply this stress to other components in the chassis. The TTI arm or rear suspension arms, both left and right, hang from the frame by a bearing and through shaft that connects them together. If the bearing wears on either side it can allow side play in the arm and thus pull the axle from its position in the differential under load. If the TTI arm is stressed, bent, cracked or worn in any way at the same attachment point, you will have this issue. One thing I noticed is that you had stated it was a new axle; did you get an axle from the company who made your lift or a different company? Measurements are not always the same between manufacturers, so check the length of the axle as well. A new circlip on the end of the axle going into the differential can help in holding the axle in place as well.

How to Change a Solenoid

How do I change starter solenoid 2004 polaris 600 sportsman

The starter solenoid is easily changed with the battery out of the ATV. The “Magnetic Switch,” as Polaris refers to it, should be located near the battery and probably uses twin 8mm bolts to hold it to the frame and twin 10mm nuts keeping the wires in place. Simple as that.

Rancher Fueling Issue

I have a Honda 2001 rancher runs good for a little while and then acts like it runs out of gas. As soon as it dies it will start right back up and run for a little while longer?? Any help would be appreciated.

It could indeed be running out of gas. Check the flow of fuel from the tank to the carb. If you are getting good fuel flow, be sure the choke isn’t on and flooding the engine out. Your sparkplug can help you determine this as well. If the plug is black and wet when the engine cuts out, then you have one of two issues; bad plug or fuel-flooded cylinder.

Check Your Service Manual
Can-Am Outlander 800R

I am from high arctic in small community and don’t have skilled Cam-Am dealer. ATV is running good with oil change and filter replaced, but the maintenance Require lights remain on. I need help to shut the lights off.

The method to remove the Maintenance light can be different from year to year and model to model, as the Commander and Outlander have different procedures so it would help to know what year and model of Can-Am you are working with. Owning an OEM service manual for your machine will be very valuable for these things as it gives the proper procedure there.

Really Aggressive Engine Braking

I have a 1997 Yamaha big bear 350 4×4 and my problem is that when I let on the gas and ride it and then let off the gas it jerks forward like I slammed on brakes?

You have just discovered the very first type of engine braking. All kidding aside, check that none of the brakes are locked before riding again.

You Can Have Too Much Oil

After oil was changed the atv won’t accelerate! It almost feels like there is a brake on restricting it from moving. Any suggestions as to what may be causing this?

How much oil did you put back in the engine? Overfilling the motor with oil will greatly decrease engine speed and also potentially lock the motor, causing severe damage inside. Oh, and check for any brakes that might be locked in place. Next time please also include the make and model as well as displacement size of your machine.

A Gentle Nudge in Another Direction

I have a 2003 Bombardier 650 quest that has a bad CDI box and I cannot find one for it can you help me find one or do you have an answer on how I could fix this problem

I would love to hear what the machine is doing to make you think it needs a CDI. How have you determined that the CDI is bad? This Quest has an Electronic module and a voltage regulator so I think I would dig a little deeper in the OEM service manual and troubleshoot the electronics before buying something you may not need.

KingQuad Won’t Start
Suzuki KingQuad 450


I have a 2008 suzuki kq 450. The starter has brand new brushes. The battery is brand new. The starter relay is brand new. All contacts are spotless. It will pull start and while running shows 14v charging. When you hit the start button, it issues one click per button push from the starter relay with no starter motor noise. Sometimes it will start.

Any help would be appreciated.

My first thought would be to pull the switch apart and look for dirt, mud, or water in any location inside. Sometimes the springs that actually keep the button pushed out can get over heated and soften, allowing the connection to be just not good enough to start the engine. It is an electrical connection so any corrosion is deadly.

Goodbye Headlights

Hey i have a 1996 Yamaha Timberwolf 2×4. My problem is a couple months ago i was riding and i hit my headlights and they worked for a while then randomly both burnt. Any ideas what it is? The taillight is perfectly fine.

Not knowing the condition of the machine, I would first look at the voltage of the battery. Did the bulbs actually blow out or just cut off? Is your stator putting out the required voltage for the battery to stay charged? This machine uses twin 25-watt bulbs, so it draws a good bit of wattage to have them both on. Also, a bad regulator/rectifier can cause the system to be overloaded and create the blown bulb problem.

Bad Fuel?

I have a 2014 Coleman 700. It starts instantly every time, runs great, then out of nowhere will start sputtering, then die. You wait five seconds and it will start right back up. Seems to be doing it more and more. Have drained gas, changed air filter, cleaned spark plug, which was not fouled, changed the gas filter. Took the fuel filter out but all appears to be fine – float does not appear to be sticking at least when we take it out. I am at a loss for things to look at. Coleman dealer said to change out the coil but It makes no sense to me as I am not a mechanic. So before changing coil or fuel pump wondering if you had any ideas


There are so many little items that could be wrong with this machine. My very first thing to do would be to completely drain the fuel system. Be absolutely sure there is no water in the gas. I know many a smart man / woman who profess to knowing there was no water in my gas can and it turns out that there was. Simply draining the carb bowl and allowing the fuel to collect in a plastic bowl might prove surprising. If this isn’t the case then look at the spark plug. Run the engine until it gets to its cutoff point and pull the plug. If it is black and wet with fuel, it could indeed be an ignition problem or simply a bad plug.

More Bad Fuel
2000 Arctic Cat 250 2x4


Man I have a 2000 attic cat 250. It has been running fine up until yesterday. I was riding my daughter around when it just died out on me. Not at full throttle or anything. It will start but will die out after giving it a little throttle. My daughter loves this thing and I really want to fix it for her. If you can help me out man if be most grateful. I’m no mechanic but I am mechanically inclined. Please point me in the right direction

Ps. I also have a 2003 Yamaha grizzly that’s doing the same thing.

It seems that you may have a gas can with condensation in it if you have two machines doing the same thing. Try draining the carb and the fuel from the tank into a clean bucket or gas can. There is still a possibility that water could be in the tank, so keep a clear view on the gas coming out of the tank.

You Get What You Pay For

i just bought a haili 110cc automatic quad for my daughter and when i press the throttle its like something is slipping it judders at the same time

I have never heard of much less seen an ATV named Haili, but if it’s like all of the other 110cc engines you could just have a worn out clutch system. There are websites dedicated to these machines, but I will warn you that once you fix this problem, you’re not done working on it yet! These machines are made cheap and that’s why they are cheap. You’ll get what you pay for. I would Just Google the machine’s name and engine size to find parts suppliers. Good Luck.

Rick Sosebee
Rick Sosebee

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