2018 Yamaha Wolverine Accessories

Seth Fargher
by Seth Fargher
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2018 yamaha wolverine accessories
The Yamaha Wolverine is a popular unit among trail enthusiasts and thanks to a plethora of Yamaha Wolverine accessories, consumers can customized their machine’s exactly to their liking.

In our opinion, different demographics of riders prefer different types and styles of accessories. Where sand and desert goers prefer significant suspension and horsepower upgrades, many trail riders prefer the type of accessories that will enhance the overall riding experience. For that reason, we’ve put together a list of Yamaha Wolverine accessories that are geared towards comfort and convenience.


Keeping mud and water out is a tall order when tackling trails, so anything that can provide additional splash protection is a worthwhile upgrade. These overfenders are a simple solution to protect the driver and passenger from mud and water. Made of durable, injected molded polypropylene material, they are designed to blend with the styling of the vehicle. It is worth mentioning that drilling of the fenders is required for installation. The complete set is available for $134.99. Part#: 1474160002.

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Universal CV Boot Repair Kit

If you’re one who tends to venture off the beaten path then it’s highly likely that you’ll cut or damage a CV boot sooner or later. This universal CV boot repair kit from All Balls provides a simple, solution for replacing a damaged CV boot. The convenient kit comes with everything you need to replace a CV boot, even while out on the trail (if you’ve got a few tools with you that is.) Simply remove the old clamps, cut away the damaged boot and slide the new CV boot over the CV joint using the cone included in the kit. You’ll need to specify whether you need an inner or an outer kit and front or rear. Each of them retail for $23.36.

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Under Seat Storage Box

More space is never a bad thing, but there are very few Yamaha Wolverine accessories that provide significant protection that is also out of sight. This under seat storage box is perfect for keeping your valuables protected from the elements and hidden from plain site. One user remarked “I put a pistol, binoculars, tow rope, extra gloves, camera and things like that in it.” It fits conveniently under the driver’s seat of the vehicle and is available for $80.99. Part#: 1474090003

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Seth Fargher
Seth Fargher

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