Yamaha’s Viking utility side-by-side is a great machine that has been around for a few years. This machine has built a strong following with a proven and capable platform, respectable power output and Yamaha’s legendary reliability. The machine is unique in that instead of a traditional bench seat, the Viking has three bucket seats, with the center seat being set back slightly to allow for shoulder clearance. The Viking is powered by a torquey 686cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine that has proven to be nearly bulletproof and extremely capable for everything from working around the farm, to exploring deep into the backcountry. There are plenty of accessories available to make the Viking better suited to your type of use, but these six Yamaha Viking Accessories are must haves for just about any owner.

Editor’s Pick - Rear View Mirror

Of all the great Yamaha Viking accessories, it may seem weird that the first thing you should add to your machine is a rear-view mirror, but it’s a really good idea. The seating in the Viking is extremely comfortable, and Yamaha takes safety seriously as well. So while you’re going to be comfortable in the machine, the seat belt has been designed to keep your butt planted in that seat. Some users have not noticed it, but most of us have felt that turning around in the seat for a quick glance behind the Viking can be a little uncomfortable. Adding a mirror helps that greatly, and we’re getting so that we think it’d be a good idea for every UTV to have one. This Genuine Yamaha Accessory is a perfect fit and costs less than the competition. Sounds like a must have to us!

Warn VRX Winch

A winch is another Must-Have accessory for the Yamaha Viking. Really any utility UTV needs one. It is an extra set of hands that can out-pull anything you can muster up. The VRX from Warn is a solid value in a winch. It is a new design that out performs anything else in the price range. And being a Warn winch, you know it’s going to be reliable. That makes it a good fit for a vehicle as reliable as the Yamaha. This is a 4,500-pound winch with synthetic rope instead of cable. More and more users are going to the synthetic rope because it has better pulling durability than cable and if it breaks under tension, you don’t run the risk of being severely injured. This Warn winch also comes with the mounting plate, making it an easy accessory to add to your Viking.

Yamaha Wind Deflector

Windshields are one of those Yamaha Viking accessories that most people are solidly for or against. Some people love them and wouldn’t ride without one, while others hate them. Of course, the hate diminishes when the weather turns colder. One option that bridges the gap and works for both is a half-windshield/wind deflector. For the Viking, Yamaha makes a wind deflector that is a must have accessory. It fits great and doesn’t interfere with your sight lines as you drive the Viking. It does a great job of pushing the airflow up and over the cab as you ride, taking the bite out of that cold morning air. It is made from injection-molded plastic and has tool-less clamps for easy on and off. Plus, being a genuine Yamaha accessory for the Viking, the fit is perfect.

Brush Guard and Lights

The front end of the Yamaha Viking looks pretty good, but when you add a brush guard, it takes on a seriously aggressive appearance. The added bonus is that the Yamaha accessory brush guard also does a great job of protecting the front end of the machine when you get into some thick country. Add the optional headlight guards for even more protection and you are good to go. It’s made from durable steel tubing with a powder-coat finish that lasts. These Yamaha Viking accessories are essential if you want to protect your machine for the long haul.

LED Lights

Tabs on the brush guard give you a great place to mount up some auxiliary illumination for your ride, too. We light The Cyclops Adventure Sports Long-Range Optimus LED lights that are as dependable as your Yamaha Viking and extremely bright.

Better Than Stock Tires - Sedona Rip Saw R/T

The Viking comes with Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires made to Yamaha’s specific specifications, and these are really good tires for all-around use. While we’re big fans of the Bighorn tire, we’ve been testing Sedona Rip Saw R/T tires for a while now and feel that these are among the best Yamaha Viking accessories you can add. We use our machines in some pretty harsh farming and hunting conditions, and like the deeper lugs, sidewall tread and thick carcass of the Rip Saw tires. Our property has a lot of clay in the soil and when it gets wet, traction comes at a premium. The deep lugs of the Sedona tires gets a little better grip to pull us out of the heavy clay-based muck and helps us get the job done.

How much power does the Yamaha Viking make?

One of the things we often see from manufacturers are horsepower claims and there are lots of bragging rights at stake. However, you never see Yamaha make these claims. They know that  compared to a bigger twin-cylinder engine, they aren’t going to make the same horsepower numbers as the competition. Here is the thing to keep in mind – They don’t need to. The Viking produces good, usable power and a lot of torque that helps you get the job done. When we get asked how much power does the Yamaha Viking make, our response is simple. It makes enough for what the Viking was intended to do.

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