BRP Upgrades Apache ATV Track System for Outlander Staff
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Apache system features larger footprint and power steering mode

The Apache track system from BRP for Can-Am Outlander ATVs is improved for 2009 with a larger footprint for added traction and flotation. The new Apache WT (Wide Track) kit adds a third track-kit-optimized Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) mode to select 2010 Can-Am Outlander models and includes the front and rear mounting kits.

Track systems enable ATV owners to continue to work or play when the snow flies – plowing driveways, riding trails and more – by replacing the wheels with tracks. BRP used its 50 years of expertise in engineering Ski-Doo snowmobiles to develop the Apache WT, making it the ultimate track system.

For added traction and deep snow flotation, the Apache WT tracks are widened to 13.6 inches (35 cm) in the rear and 11.5 inches (29 cm) in front, for a 10% increase in surface area. Both have one-inch lugs. Two track choices are available – studded for additional grip, especially on ice, or unstudded.

The front and rear track units are designed differently for the different functions they perform. For easier steering effort, the front lugs are rounded in tire-like profile. And the front modules’ tipped up rails create a high angle of attack for easily climbing over obstacles. The rear units’ flat rail increases the contact area, providing maximum traction. Plus, both units uniquely rotate around the axle to better roll over obstacles for added capability and a smoother ride.

Included with the 2010 Apache WT track system is an electronic module that adds a third Dynamic Power Steering mode to Can-Am Outlander quads equipped with the feature. This rider-selectable mode provides the least low speed steering resistance of any track kit available by optimizing the power steering assist rates for the tracks – easier in slow speed riding, firmer at cruising speeds. The module, easily plugged into the Engine Control Module, also corrects the speedometer for the system. It’s the industry’s first and only track-optimized power steering feature.

According to BRP, redesigned front mounting components minimize installation time and reduce stress on suspension components. Both front and rear mounting units are now included with the system, rather than sold separately.

The new Apache WT kit is available now at Can-Am ATV dealers with a suggested retail price of $3,399.99 for the unstudded tracks, and $3,654.99 for studded tracks. It is the only track kit that maintains the Can-Am vehicle warranty.

Other BRP accessories ideal for winter riding with the Apache WT kit include a CVT pre-filter and CVT air intake, both to prevent belt slippage and extend belt life. An airbox prefilter protects the engine in harsh riding conditions.

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