EPA withdraws approval of 200,000 off-road vehicles

ATV.com Staff
by ATV.com Staff
Certification firm allegedly falsified information

The Environmental Protection Agency has withdrawn its approval of up to 200,000 off-road vehicles imported from China. The California Air Resources Board has followed suit, voiding its executive orders covering the same vehicles that were sold in California.

After a lengthy investigation, the EPA has voided certificates of conformity for vehicles issued in 2006 and 2007 to the U.S. arms of four Chinese manufacturers: Hensim USA of City of Industry, Calif., Loncin USA of Hayward, Calif., Peace Industry Group of Norcross, Ga., and Seaseng of Ponoma, Calif.

In China, these manufacturers operate under the names Chongqing Hensim Group Co., Chongqing Longting Power Equipment Co., Zhejiang Peace Industry and Trade Co., and Zhejiang Chisheng Industry and Trading Co. The EPA is considering significant financial penalties against the manufacturers and importers of the affected vehicles.

Certificates of conformity are issued by the EPA to vehicles to the United States indicating they meet federal emission standards. To obtain a certificate, a manufacturer or importer must describe the vehicle and its emission control system and provide emissions data that meets federal guidelines.

The EPA alleges tailpipe emissions information for these off-road motorcycles and ATVs was intentionally incomplete or falsified by the companies’ consultant, MotorScience Enterprise. According to the company’s website, MotorScience Enterprise provides certification services to more than 100 international automobile, motorcycle and recreational vehicle manufacturers. MotorScience Enterprise claims a 99.5% success rate for gaining EPA or CARB certification, compared to an average under 50% for other agencies.

The withdrawal of certificates does not impact consumers who own any of the affected models. Consumers are not responsible for any wrongdoing in this matter and may continue to use their vehicles. For a full list of the vehicles affected, click here.

ATV.com Staff
ATV.com Staff

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