Matlock Racing Earns Overall ATV Win at San Felipe 250 Staff
by Staff
Seventh straight SCORE win

The Matlock Racing team has been the team to beat at the SCORE International races. At the most recent event – the Mastercraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 – things were no different.

Wayne Matlock and the team walked away with its third consecutive win at this race and earned its seventh consecutive win in the Open Pro ATV class. The team as won every SCORE race entered for the last three years.

The team was also the only Open Pro ATV to finish the race with no penalties, finishing 23 minutes ahead of second place and 29 minutes ahead of third place.

The San Felipe 250 was a great race for the team. After drawing the first place starting position and
prerunning each section of the course, the team was ready to take on the challenge. The competition
would be tough and the local San Felipe team of Javier Robles would start in the second place spot as just behind the Matlock Racing team.

As the early morning dust was hanging low from the motorcycles who started ahead of the Open Pro quads, Caster started on the Matlock Racing Honda TRX700XX. Caster started and road the first eight miles through the rough start section before handing the quad off to Matlock at Zoo Rd. Matlock would take the quad up the extremely rough, whooped out Pole line road to race mile 25 where he would hand the quad off to Miller. Both Caster and Matlock were able to keep the lead with the rest of the quad pack chasing in quick pursuit.

During Miller’s gas stop the of Javier Robles’ team was able to make the pass for the lead. Miller used his knowledge of the course from the time spent prerunning to close time on the now leading team. Miller’s section included the rough whooped out washes of Borrego, the Diablo dry lakebed and a completely new section SCORE included for this race. This new section included many rough areas and a bunch of silt sections that could swallow a quad whole. Miller was able to rein the quad back in and retake the lead once again before passing the quad back off to Caster at race mile 94.

Caster took the quad from Miller in the lead as he headed off towards the infamous Matomi Wash. The

Honda TRX700XX proved it is the ultimate Baja racer once again by gaining time on the other quads through the rocks hidden in Matomi. Once through Matomi, Caster would head back north up the extremely rocky Old Puertocitos road before handing the quad off to Matlock once again. Caster pulled into the JCR Honda pit at race mile 172 where Matlock would get on with a better than three-minute lead on the second place team .

Matlock was off once again on his second and final ride of the day. This section included the desolate washes of Huatamote and Chanate as it worked its way towards the finish line. Matlock rode hard through his last section gaining even more time on the other competitors. As he crossed the finish line he had gained nine minutes on the next team. Unfortunately the team of Javier Robles would suffer mechanical problems near the finish after giving the team such a great race throughout the day.

The Matlock Racing team is very excited about the Overall win and also being the only team to remain on course and not receive any penalties. The Matlock Racing Honda TRX700XX has proven once again to be the ultimate Baja racer, winning every Baja race it has entered.

Matlock Racing would like to thank all its sponsors: Vey’s Powersports,, Rich Morel Racing Motors, Precision Concepts, Houser Racing, Maxxis, Elka, JCR Honda, Big Gun Exhaust, KZ Trailers, Fly Racing, Renthal, IMS-Roll, Pro Honda Oil and Chemicals, IMS, DWT, OMF, Tire Balls, Quadtech, Streamline, Precision Racing Products, Baja Designs, Scott Goggles, Motion Pro, UNI Filters, DID Chains, Division Four

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