Polaris Introduces Electric Powered Breeze

ATV.com Staff
by ATV.com Staff
First product from On-Road Vehicle Division

Polaris Industries Inc. has unveiled a new low emission electric powered Neighborhood Vehicle, the Polaris Breeze, which is the first new product to be launched by the recently announced On-Road Vehicle Division.

The Breeze is designed for multiple consumer uses such as golfing, comfortably transporting up to four passengers, or carrying light cargo loads. According to Polaris, the Breeze is targeted for consumers living in master planned communities, and will be available in limited quantities for test ride and purchase at Polaris Neighborhood Vehicle dealerships in select markets starting in September 2009. Pricing for the Breeze has not been revealed yet.

“Innovation has always been a driving force behind the success of Polaris, and our new low emission Polaris Breeze is a perfect example of that ongoing tradition,” says Scott Wine, CEO, Polaris Industries. “Our ability to leverage Polaris’ rich history of designing and manufacturing industry leading products, combined with the creativity of our designers and engineers, is a hallmark of our company and a major component for our success. This vehicle is the latest innovation from Polaris and the first of what we expect will be a series of successful ventures into the on-road vehicle category over the coming years.”

With its entirely electric operating system, the Polaris Breeze is a lower emission vehicle than comparable gas-powered offerings and is a fuel-saving alternative to automobiles for consumers making numerous short trips within their master planned community.

“Polaris is constantly looking for new opportunities to deliver consumers innovative vehicles that make transportation easier, less expensive and more fun,” says Mike Jonikas, vice president of Polaris’ On-Road Vehicle Division. “Developing the Polaris Breeze accomplishes all three of these objectives, and is the first step in an exciting new market opportunity for Polaris.”

ATV.com Staff
ATV.com Staff

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