Skid Plate System Released for Polaris Ranger RZR 4 Staff
by Staff
Dirt Performance, Inc. unveils new bolt-on skids

Polaris’ new Ranger RZR 4 has only been out a short time, but the aftermarket has quickly jumped on board. The latest product comes from Dirt Performance, Inc., which has released a skid plate system for the four-seat RZR.

“You will not find a higher quality, better designed, or more protective skid plate system for the RZR 4, period,” Dirt Performance says in a release.

The entire RZR 4 skid plate package is constructed of 3/16” thick aluminum. It features recessed bolt holes, so there are no factory washers to bend, break, or cover the bolt heads. Also, the system boasts no abrupt edges, which means there is that much less to hang up on when sliding over obstacles.

Additionally, instead of placing loads of drain holes throughout the entire skid plate system, Dirt Performance placed four holes right in front of the frame crossmembers. According to Dirt Performance, extensive testing revealed this is where all the mud accumulates when washing it off.

“When you look at competing skid plate systems, you’ll notice holes all over the place which ends up scooping up even more mud instead of letting it drain out,” claims Dirt Performance.

Also, a built-in tree slider means you won’t find yourself rubbing trees, which should keep your body and paint looking like new. The tree slider also doubles as a step for getting in and our of the rear seats.

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