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Legendary exhaust manufacturer still going strong

SuperTrapp Industries is celebrating 40 years of being a leading manufacturer of comprehensive performance exhaust systems for a variety of motor vehicle applications, including motorcycles, ATV and automotive.

The history of the SuperTrapp muffler dates back to 1971 in the Davis, Calif. garage of inventor, Paul Moller. In the late 60’s, Moller was immersed in experimental trial of the XM-3, his early attempt at a flying automobile. In desperate need of funds, Moller began looking for an intermediate, far easier target for his newly developed tunable disc technology. Eventually Moller turned to a passion of his – motorcycles. And, the SuperTrapp muffler was born, soon becoming one of the most popular aftermarket accessories ever made for motorcycles.

A signature feature of SuperTrapp exhaust systems is the patented Tunable Disc Technology which was originally created for the XDUSOR, the first motorcycle exhaust product sold by Moller in 1971. This technology allows the rider to adapt their bike, ATV or automotive to a specific riding environment. This is accomplished through a series of discs with a precisely aligned diameter that form the exhaust outlet. By adding or subtracting discs, the rider can tune the power band and sound of their machine in just a few minutes with basic hand tools.

SuperTrapp Exhausts

SuperTrapp began to design and manufacture an Automotive line of exhausts in the 1980’s. Its WaveTech line is still a popular choice for sport compact imports. With several Automotive exhaust choices, SuperTrapp exhausts can be mounted to everything from Porsches, Vettes, hot rods and everyday work commuters to sand rails, sprint cars, trucks, Jeeps and everything in between. Its exhausts are used by the Skip Barber Racing School.

In 1991, SuperTrapp purchased Kerker who was once a fierce competitor. SuperTrapp worked to reinvigorate the brand, introducing dozens of new products since the purchase. Kerker exhausts have long been popular with both the racing circuit and the street rider. They deliver superior top-end power in one of the most lightweight designs available. The Kerker brand has been implemented into the V-Twin and Metric applications as well.

The SuperTrapp brand continued to grow. In the 1990’s, a line of ATV exhausts was launched and SuperTrapp sponsored the Yamaha race team and for several years, as well as the Highlifter Mud Nationals Mud Bog. Teaming up with legendary engine-builder, Tom Carlson, was a no-brainer. The result was the birth of TC Race Systems which remain a popular choice among sport quad riders.

In 2004, SuperTrapp teamed up with legendary racing mechanic for H-D, Bill Werner. He is the winningest tuner in AMA Grand National Racing history. Together, SuperTrapp and Bill Werner developed the XR750 2:2 Megaphone Race System and a 2:2 Stepped Head Pipe Race System.

SuperTrapp’s Tunable Disc Technology quickly became and remains the top-choice for flat-track racers. The tunable exhausts have proven performance on the flat-track and they’ve carried that through to all of their tunable exhausts for street, track and trail applications.

Racing is in SuperTrapp’s blood. Since 2001, SuperTrapp continues to sponsor Ton Pels, one of the most experienced European Drag Racers, and his Zodiac Drag Race team. Pels’ 40 years in motorcycle drag racing has earned himself the nickname, “The Godfather” among industry peers. Ton’s Top Fuel Harley-Davidson is, and has been for many years, the fastest and quickest normally aspirated motorcycle outside the United States. In 2007, Roel Koedam started riding for Zodiac’s FIM / UEM European Championship, SuperTwin class.

SuperTrapp is also a proud sponsor of Xtreme International Ice Racing, or XiiR for the past decade. The XiiR features bike and ATV riders racing at up to 60mph on ice without brakes. Hockey arenas throughout the nation host this adrenaline-pumping event. “SuperTrapp mufflers are a perfect fit for ice racing because with so much speed and different speeds it hits when we need it to hit”, according to Anthony Barlow, champion ice racer and organizer of the XiiR.

SuperTrapp partnered up with master-bike builder, Paul Yaffe in 2001. Since 1984 Yaffe has been designing some of the world’s most exquisite, custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Yaffe’s vision and unique style have been setting industry standards for many years. He once built a Phantom Flame Throwing bike for Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off.

The Road Legends line of exhausts was born when the radical designs of Paul Yaffe and the unprecedented quality and engineering of SuperTrapp teamed up. Their Road Legends Crack Pipes, Phantom Pipes and X Pipes are unlike any other pipes out there. They truly are works of art.

Baggers have really made their mark in the past few years. SuperTrapp teamed up with Yaffe to design our FLH Phantom Pipe and eye candy end caps for our numerous Bagger Slip-Ons. You have to see the Yaffe Big Poppa, Claw, Afterburners and Holy Moly for yourself to truly appreciate their originality.

SuperTrapp’s state-of-the-art R&D coupled with the expertise of their engineers has allowed them to be the leading, manufacturer of tunable, aftermarket exhausts.

SuperTrapp wants its customers to have the best which is why they’ve invested in state-of-the-art testing and production facilities to ensure performance and quality of its products.

And, the quality and service doesn’t stop when your product leaves their facility. SuperTrapp boasts industry veterans and motorcycle enthusiasts managing its Customer Service Department, answering live calls, e-mails and managing the SuperTrapp Support Forum.

SuperTrapp is poised to continue their legacy and deliver the best performance exhausts in V-Twin, Metric, Dirt, Sport, ATV and Automotive exhaust applications.

Request your 2011, commemorative, 40th Anniversary catalog by e-mailing Become a fan of SuperTrapp on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. For more information on all SuperTrapp exhausts, visit, or call 216-265-8400. Staff Staff

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