Moose Utility Division Winches: Built for the Long Haul

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Don't leave home without one

If you’re a gearhead who enjoys the off-road, chances are you’ve been stuck in a situation where a winch would have been as welcome as water in the desert. Designed to haul you and your rig (or, preferably, your buddy and your buddy’s rig) out of tricky spots, winches are like a good insurance policy — routinely ignored until they’re truly needed.

That’s where the crew at Moose Utility Division comes in. Dedicated to providing the highest quality and best performing products on the market, they’re an industry leader in parts and accessories for both ATVs and UTVs. Catering to the hunter, rancher, and outdoor recreationalist, this company with the all-too-appropriate acronym of MUD sells thousands of items to ensure you’re completely covered for your next off-road adventure – from hunting gear to cargo bags. And, for when the going gets rough on your next off-road outing, they’ve got a great selection of winches, plus replacement gear like ropes and fairleads.

Moose ATV winches come with a capacity of 2500, 3500 or 4500 lbs.

MUD’s own in-house line — called Aggro — comes in a range of pulling strengths from 2500 to 4500 lbs. The 2500-lb version is an ATV-only model, available with wire or synthetic rope, finished in black powdercoating and bearing a IP67 rating for its waterproofed sealing. (The latter feature is definitely not to be overlooked — since, in a great number of cases, winches are typically used to haul machines out of mudholes and quagmires whose depths are not to be believed…)

The 4500 lb Aggro winch from Moose Utility Division is specially designed for UTVs.

On the other end of Moose’s spectrum is a dandy 4500-lb unit packing a 7/32”-inch rope spanning 50 feet (also available in either wire or synthetic). Built for UTVs with a durable all-metal construction, it has a load-holding brake for great control, while its three-stage planetary gear train should prevent the herky-jerkiness inherent to some other winches.

This 3500 lb Aggro winch from Moose Utility Division can be used for either ATVs or UTVs.

Finally, right square in the middle lies the company’s 3500-lb Aggro winch, good for either an ATV or UTV, making it an extremely versatile option. The 3500lb version comes with a handlebar-mounted rocker switch for quads and a dash-mounted switch for side-by-sides. A mounting plate and all the hardware is in the box, too, while individual parts and pieces, like the dash switch, are available for as little as ten bucks.

Whichever you choose, that zinc-plated hook looks great against the winch’s black powdercoated body, as does that black MOOSE hook tag — just one more reason Moose’s Aggro winches make the perfect compliment for your machine. Because just like you wouldn’t hit the road without insurance, you really shouldn’t hit the trails without a winch. A good one can make all the difference between a great day of ATVing and a frustrating one. But chances are, you already know that from experience. Which is why it’s even more important to invest in a reliable, top of the line model.

To learn more about Moose Utility Division and their line of Aggro winches, click here. Then use their handy dealer locator tool to find a number of online retailers that proudly carry Moose products.

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