What the Buck!?

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When you bought your RZR, it came with pretty decent coilover shocks, likely with some adjustments that helped you dial in the ride quality. There is a group of designers, testers, engineers and, yes, lawyers, who all had input on the design of the shocks on your machine.

what the buck

What you end up with is a machine with a pretty good ride quality. But it can be way better, and with an Eibach Pro-UTV spring kit, you will end up with reduced buck, better handling and overall better ride quality.

Production Testing

An Eibach Pro-UTV spring starts out as spring steel. Eibach is very demanding when it comes to steel quality, and that is part of the testing process. Springs with a diameter up to 22mm start out pre-hardened spring wire and are formed into a set diameter for the sizes used on most UTV shocks. They are then set in broad coils for storage until being formed into a spring. Eibach uses specialized CNC machines to wind the springs, and every aspect is carefully controlled and inspected to get the proper spring rate, also known as the ratio of spring load and deflection. Each spring that is produced gets carefully measured and tested to produce a uniform set of springs. The springs are shot-peened for added strength and uniformity, and then beveled at the ends. 

Every Eibach UTV spring is completely compressed in a hydraulic setting press to ensure a return to the exact specifications they set out to produce. This is a critical part of the testing process, and also what sets Eibach apart from their competitors. Their focus on block-stable springs make them the go-to for off-road race teams across the globe. If a spring passes every test along the production path, then it’s time for some hands-on testing in a UTV.

How Eibach Tests

Eibach’s internal design and testing team works with race teams from across the country, to come up with a design for a particular machine that meets the expectations set forth at the start of the design phase. Your UTV’s suspension was designed and tested for a wide range of users, but if you’re adding more weight to the machine, or have a more aggressive driving style, you may notice a deficit in ride quality that the stock shock adjustments cannot correct. Swapping in a set of Eibach Pro-UTV springs can dramatically improve the quality of your ride. 

Before Eibach makes a spring kit for a specific UTV ready for market, it gets some serious testing in the field. This means driving a stock machine to see how it performs and where it needs improvement. Then the Eibach teams tests with its own springs until they find the perfect balance of eliminating buck and body roll without sacrificing low-speed comfort. Eibach does this for both its Stage 2 and Stage 3 kits. You can learn a little more about this process by checking out the embedded video below.

If you want a shock that performs to the absolute best of its abilities, it is not just a matter of adding a heavier spring. Eibach tests to know exactly how that stiffer spring will perform at every part of the stroke of the shock. It’s that testing that leads to Eibach’s race-winning performance.

Not all springs are created equally. But if you want springs that are trusted by the top off-road race teams in the world, Eibach is where you want to look.

Visit Eibach.com for more information.

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