The TOMCAR TM5 Looks Ready For Anything

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
Fast Facts

Engine: Gas (1100cc), Diesel (1400cc) or Electric (72v)

Length x Width: 135" x 70"
Towing Capacity 1,848 lbs
MSRP: Starting at $24,350
Is this the toughest UTV around?

Walking the halls of SHOT Show in Las Vegas, you will see an overwhelming arsenal of firearms and related products. This year we also got to see the very rugged looking TOMCAR TM5.

Most any UTV will stand out at SHOT Show, but the TOMCAR booth can’t help but get your attention, as its TM5 looks ready for just about anything.

“There is truly nothing else on the market like the TOMCAR, and we are thrilled to be able to bring one of our finest vehicles on the floor to SHOT Show this year for attendees to see the craftsmanship for themselves,” said Ram Zarchi, CEO of TOMCAR. “Whether you’re in a warzone, on a hunt, or just off-roading to blow off some steam, the TOMCAR is relentless and will take you anywhere while remaining the smoothest ride imaginable.”


The TM5 is available with three different powerplants: gas (1100cc, four-cylinder engine), diesel (1400cc, four-cylinder engine) or electric (72v motor with 28kwh Lithium ion battery back).

Each TM5 is 135 inches long and 70 inches wide with a 101-inch wheelbase and 15 inches of ground clearance. With the diesel powerplant the TM5 has a payload capacity of 1,650 pounds, dry weight of 1,848 pounds and towing capacity of 1,894 pounds. The cargo box measures 66 by 53 inches.

TOMCAR TM5 Cockpit

As for features, the TM5 has a fully welded roll cage, four-point safety harnesses for driver and passenger, aluminum skid plates, automatic V belt CVT, differential lock, seven-gallon fuel tank (with optional second tank), rack and pinion steering and four-wheel power assisted disc brakes.


Suspension is handled through a double-wishbone design up front with 13 inches of travel and a trailing arm in the rear with 13.5 inches of travel. FOX Podium dual coil over gas-hydraulic shocks are found on all four corners.

TOMCAR TM5 Front Suspension
TOMCAR History

According to a press release, TOMCAR has now been in continual active development for over 20 years, and serves numerous military forces in conflict zones across the world.

“Since 1991, TOMCAR has been developing ultra-durable and highly functional off-road vehicles for a wide range of industries. The rich history of the company dates back to 1967, when an Israeli commanding officer pieced together two running vehicles from the wreckage of Jeeps in enemy territory, allowing the commandos to successfully complete their mission,” TOMCAR says in a release. “Years later, that same soldier built the first TOMCAR, a durable but versatile all-terrain vehicle designed to be parachuted out of a plane for use in military operations. TOMCARs have proven to be extremely successful in a variety of industries, including mining, ranching, firefighting, search and rescue, tourism, and more. All mining vehicles are made in the US from its manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona, with additional facilities in Israel and Australia.”

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