The Best New ATV and UTV Products At The Sand Sports Super Show

Eli Madero
by Eli Madero

Whether you're sticking to a budget or want to be a baller, this list has something for you

For many companies the annual Sand Sports Super Show is the perfect event for debuting new ATV and UTV products for maximum visibility and many times customers can take advantage of introductory show special pricing. At this year’s event there were plenty of new items, but even products that have been around for years still deserve recognition. These are our favorite items that were on display at the show this year.

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1. Best of Show: Wash-15 ATV Whip Mount

Even the simplest items can win best of show. That being said, this item, which is made by duners for duners, is worthy of the award. If you’ve ever ridden in the dunes on an ATV or Motorcycle, at one point you’ve either rolled or even just thrown a leg over your bike and broken your fiberglass whip. It’s likely that your ¼” or 5/16” whip came with the inexpensive pinch bolt mount that left you fighting to push out the old fiberglass rod only to struggle reinserting the splintered fiberglass whip. This can be enough of a struggle that you may consider riding without a whip, which is not only dangerous but can lead to an expensive ticket in the dunes.

This whip mount simplifies this process by pinching the whip in its patented clamping system. By simply loosening and tightening a simple wing nut that doesn’t require any tools, you can quickly reinsert your whip (frayed end or not) and get back to doing what you love. Duning! According to their website this product makes a 15-minute job a 15-second job and can give 150% more whip reuses vs. the competition. There is also a UTV/truck mount that accepts both 3/8” and 5/16” whips if you need a sturdier rod. Both are priced just under $40, which in our minds is worth it to minimize the downtime while riding to fix a busted whip.

2. Best UTV Brake Upgrade: Performance Machine Oversize Brake Kit

As UTV owners, we’re always looking to maximize the performance of our machines. We want to increase the top speed and acceleration characteristics, but rarely to people consider the stress we put on our braking systems. When you modify a UTV with an aftermarket cage, larger wheels and tires, any number of accessories (including coolers loaded with drinks and ice to keep them cool), then you add up to 4 passengers all varying in size, it’s easy to overload that vehicle and push the braking system beyond its limits. Brake fade is very real and very scary when you need to stop in a hurry.

Performance Machine, the very same company known for making some of the best billet Harley Davidson wheels and brake systems, has developed oversized brake kits for the Can-Am Maverick X3 and Honda Talon. These kits replace the brakes on all four corners of the machine with their 4-piston brake calipers, high-performance oversized semi-floating brake discs, brake pads and all necessary mounting hardware, which is proudly made in the USA. While pricey, each kit runs just under $2,500, the braking upgrade reduces if not eliminates brake fade on overloaded or UTVs that need the most out of their brakes under extreme conditions. For a product made by Performance Machine you know that what you’re getting is quality parts made in the USA by a company that has proven performance. The limited lifetime warranty on the calipers is just the icing on the cake.

3. Best Bluetooth Communication Systems: Cardo Packtalk Bold and Packtalk Headphones

One of the best accessories you can get for your ATV or UTV adventures is a good communications system. If you’re on an ATV you could use a handheld radio, but that means installing speakers in your helmet, mounting the radio to your handlebars, or having to carry it on your belt or backpack, and running some complex wiring system to tie it all together. If you want something similar for your UTV, you need to install a radio and intercom system, run a ton of wiring, and wire your helmet for the speakers and microphone all after paying over $1k if not more for all the components.

With the Cardo Bluetooth communication systems, all you need to do is mount a compact unit to your helmet and install the speakers and microphone in the helmets you and your passengers will be wearing. The Cardo systems allow you to communicate with up to 15 other riders that have a similar system for up to a mile in perfect conditions, listen to your music and even share your playlists with other riders. While the Packtalk Bold communication system is great for ATV and UTV riders, Cardo introduced their new Packtalk Headphones that are more suited for Buggy and off-road truck enthusiasts. The headsets feature noise-canceling earmuffs and a boom mic to allow you to use the Packtalk Bold sans helmet. If you want a great way to communicate with your friends without spending thousands on a coms system, this is definitely the way to go.

4. Best Tool Kits: Boxo USA

One thing every off-road enthusiast needs is a good set of tools. Whether you are maintaining your toys or need to do a trailside repair, having the right tools for the job is a necessity. That’s where Boxo USA earns their place in your garage or play toy. The two standout favorite items were the 103-piece Metric MotoBox Toolbox and the UTV Tool Roll.

The Boxo Moto Toolbox is perfect to keep in the garage or even toss into the trailer to make sure that you’ve got all the tools you need. Loaded with ¼”, 3/8”, and ½ inch sockets, an assortment of pliers, ratchets, and much more the Moto Toolbox should have everything you need to tackle the most basic tasks and even some of the more complicated.

If you crave adventure and want to be prepared for any possibility of trailside repairs, the UTV Tool Roll comes with a 66-piece tool kit that is loaded with everything you need to perform the basic trailside repair all packed into one convenient tool roll, so everything stays organized.

The nice thing about these tools is that they’re a good quality and come with a limited lifetime warranty and they offer a wide variety of other tools that you can purchase to add to your existing kits.

5. Best UTV Tie Down Kits: Trader Tim's Wheel Tie Downs

One of the biggest gripes that we have with many UTVs is that there is a serious lack of places to secure them during transport. While there are plenty of tie down brands on the market, we really appreciated Trader Tim’s display of their wheel tie downs being used on a Can-Am X3. One of the best things about using a wheel tie down kit is that you’re not required to needlessly crank down on your suspension to ensure your UTV isn’t going to move. By tying down at the wheel, you can ensure that the unit won’t move when secured properly. If you haven’t noticed before, traditional tie downs always seem to have excessive movement from being stretched by the car suspension bouncing down the road. At times, we’ve even seen a tie down or two pop off. When you go with kits like these from Trader Tim’s, you don’t need to worry.

6. Best Custom Wheels: Performance Machine UTV Wheels

Yep, that’s right. Performance Machine is the only company on this list to get two of their products featured, and their custom billet wheels have rightfully earned their spot. Performance Machine is known for Harley Davidson wheels, so it was a natural progression for the company to tackle the off-road market with some fully customizable wheels. Available in 5 different design patterns, PM representatives explained to us that they wanted the process of ordering wheels easy for the consumer.

By going to their site,, you can select the style of wheel you want (two of which feature beadlocks), select your UTV model, and finally select the color and finish of the wheels before you check out. Once you’ve paid, your custom wheels should be delivered within 30-days, although the website currently says it’s about an 8–12-week delivery window. With prices that vary from $599-$699 per wheel, the cost is steep but still on par for custom wheels when compared to competing companies.

7. Best New UTV Maintenance Item: Kawasaki KRX 1000 Factory Oil Change Kit

When it comes to maintaining your UTV, people always seem to wonder which is the best oil to use. Why not make life simple and go with what the manufacture recommends? In fact, why not just get a kit from the manufacture that comes with everything that you need? That’s exactly what Kawasaki has done in their Genuine Kawasaki Oil Change Kit for the KRX 1000. When you get this kit, you’ll get 4-quarts of genuine Kawasaki oil, a genuine Kawasaki oil filter, the drain bolt crush washer, a disposable funnel, and pair of Kawasaki lime green disposable glove to keep your hands clean during the process. These kits are actually available for most of their ATV and UTV lineup. And if you’re due for a more involved service, Kawasaki also offers an oil change and maintenance kit that includes everything in the oil change kit and an air filter, spark plugs, and other fluids that are recommended for service.

8. Best UTV Side Mirrors: Chupacabra Cuero Race UTV Side Mirrors

We caught these mirrors on Factory Polaris RZR racer Sierra Romo’s race unit that was on display in the Chupacabra booth and thought they looked pretty trick. A closer inspection led us to find out that they not only look good but have a ton of features. The new Cuero Race Mirrors feature a rubber-isolated frame mount to reduce vibration, full billet construction making them 100% rebuildable, and these mirrors also have the ability to mount pod lights from a variety of companies that can be adjusted independently of the mirror itself. The mirrors are available in both black and raw silver finish with mounts that fit 1.5” through 2.0” roll cage tubing. These are far superior to any other UTV mirror that we’ve seen on the market to date. Just FYI, Chupacabra says these mirrors have a 3-6 week delivery time, so if you order them now on their website, you should have them in time for the kickoff weekend of duning.


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