Make your General even better with these accessories

Polaris hit it out of the park when they introduced the General several years ago. The combination of RZR power and suspension and Ranger capability and versatility has struck a chord with consumers, making the machine an instant hit. The General is a great platform for just about every condition and personalizing it with the best General accessories can only make a great machine better.

While we all like to make our machines our own with certain accessories, here are five Polaris General Accessories you simply must have – plus a couple of extras just for good measure.

1. Editor's Choice: Seizmik Dump Bed Rack

Seizmik Rack

Unlike the RZR, the General has a dumping cargo box like the Ranger. However, the General’s box is smaller than the Ranger by quite a bit. To get more cargo-carrying capacity from the General, you need to add a bed rack. There are several that are offered from different companies, but the Seizmik rack is very sturdy and well built. It has slots for hand tools and can handle some pretty heavy loads up to 100 pounds, all while still allowing use of the cargo bed underneath. The Seizmik rack also does not interfere with the dumping action of the box. It’s a great way to carry a cooler while still letting you haul other gear in the bed.

2. Tusk UTV Profile Aluminum Roof

Tusk Aluminum Roof

Unless you bought the Deluxe-edition General, the General doesn’t come with a roof. While the poly roof is a great option, an aluminum roof looks better and provides a great amount of protection. It is also a great platform to mount a lightbar to. Tusk, the house brand for Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, makes a spectacular roof for the General. It is .10-inches thick and powder-coated black. It works with the General’s visor and has anti-vibration foam gaskets to keep it from rattling. If you decide to add a windshield, the roof will still work just fine. This roof has a very high approval rating with buyers on the RMATV website and with good reason. It all adds up to making the Tusk Aluminum Roof one of the Polaris General Accessories you must buy.

Polaris UTV Cover

Even the toughest Polaris off-road vehicles need a little help sometimes. That’s why it’s worth looking at one of the best Polaris UTV covers offered by to protect the exterior and interior of your machine.

No matter where you live, you can trust the top-selling, Weatherproof MAX Shield UTV cover for serious protection. Extreme sunshine? Easy – the cover boasts a UV reflective coating that prevents sun damage. Heavy rain? No problem – the high-quality PolyShield material helps shed water almost as soon as it lands. Damp, humid summers? Bring it on – the cover offers dual built-in air vents for maximum breathability. The cover also offers reinforced, built-in straps with reflectors for extra security and visibility.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you get a Limited Lifetime Warranty too. Yeah, they really did think of everything. If you’re looking for a Polaris UTV cover, you can’t go wrong with the Polaris UTV cover from

*This is a sponsored placement.

3. SuperATV 3-in-1 Flip Windshield

SuperATV 3-in-1 Flip Windshield

Adding a windshield to your Polaris General can be a massive difference maker, as it takes the cold sting out of a morning ride. And paired with a roof, it offers great protection from rain and snow fall. This 3-in-1 windshield from SuperATV is among the best options available, as you can choose to keep it closed, vented or wide open. And you adjust it from the driver’s seat. It is made of 1/4″ thick scratch-resistant Polycarbonate that is shatter resistant and designed to stand up to the abuse of off-road driving.

4. K&N Air Filter

K&N Air Filter

Your General needs clean air to run. The stock foam air filter does a decent job of providing clean air, but after you just spent all that money to get the General, you want it to last. A K&N filter is the best way to keep clean air flowing into the engine. The design of the K&N filter improves airflow, letting more, clean air into the engine. The result is better fuel economy and increased horsepower. And unlike some filters, when a K&N gets dirty, you simply clean and oil it using the proper products, and it’s back to good as new. This is one of the smartest Polaris General accessories you can add to your machine and you will see an immediate and noticeable improvement in power. Fits into the stock filter location with no modifications.

5. Polaris Ride Command

Ride Command

Not everyone bought the Ride Command General special edition, but fear not. You can add the amazing Polaris Ride Command unit for your General and it is definitely one of the five best General accessories you really must have. The heart of the Ride Command system is the 7-inch, glove-touch monitor that lets you navigate screens while still wearing gloves. It has built-in GPS and navigation communication that lets you communicate with others in your ride party. You can also receive text messages on your screen, so you can see if someone needs to reach you without having to commit to some unsafe action. But the Ride Command is much more. It serves as your General’s diagnostic system and display with your speed, other info and machine information. You can also use it with GoPro cameras to expand your enjoyment of the trail. If you like to explore new trails, this is easily one of the best Polaris General accessories you can buy.

6. Rigid LED Lightbar

LED Lightbar Polaris General

There are so many lightbars and accessory LED lights available for your Polaris General. The Rigid lights may not be the cheapest, but they rank among the best available. Why do you need lights for the General? The stock headlights are pretty good, but the General is one of those machines that just screams to be used for adventure riding. When the wild areas are calling your name, you don’t want to be worried about not being able to see the trail ahead of you. The Rigid light is a 30-inch lightbar with dual LEDs and a three-way rocker switch. You can change the color of the light from bright white to amber, letting you adapt the ride to meet the ever changing conditions and give you the best possible view of the trail ahead of you.

7. SuperATV Cooler

Though it won’t improve the General’s performance, this insulated SuperATV cooler might just help yours. It is designed to fit in the back of the General and and offers a capacity of 30 liters. Features include a built-in drain plug, heavy duty latches, and a sealed lit designed to keep ice in and mud out. This cooler boasts three inches of foam insulation, so your drinks will stay cool all day long. It also doubles as a cargo box that will keep all your gear free of rain, mud and dust.

8. Console Bag

Extra storage is always a welcome addition to any UTV, so any additional storage options are always among the best Polaris General 1000 accessories. There are a few good console bags out there to choose from, including this option from Kemimoto. Made of 1680D fabric that is semi-waterproof and wear resistant, this bag fits the General perfectly and adds some much appreciated cargo capacity. And installation is simple, thanks to strong adhesive self-fastening straps.

9. Kemimoto UTV Side Mirrors

Kemimoto UTV Side Mirrors

When you are strapped into your UTV and dressed in a helmet, looking over your shoulders to see who is behind you can be a little cumbersome. Fortunately, a set of side mirrors is one of the easiest and most affordable Polaris General accessories you can install. This set from Kemimoto fits all Polaris General models and they offer a flexible and adjustable design with a ball-joint structure. They can also easily be folded inwards if you come up on a narrow trail, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally crushing them.

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