There are a few brands that become synonymous with the product, so much so that when people think of that product, the brand name pops into mind first. Like when you think of a sport UTV and you call it a RZR, even if it’s from another brand. To an extent, that is what Rigid Industries has done with the LED light bar. Rigid quickly etched a top spot in the market with high quality products that could handle the abuse off-road driving and riding dishes out. When it comes time to add some lighting to your machine, how do you know what to get? We decided to help you with picking the right Rigid Light Bar and other Rigid Industries lights for your machine.

Radiance Plus

The Rigid Radiance Plus light bar is the perfect solution for those who want the company’s legendary quality with a little less investment. The Radiance bars are built with the same high-grade aluminum alloy housing with a black exposed circuit board, optimized forward projecting Broad Spot optics that combine the attributes of a spot and flood beam pattern. Radiance bars have built-in back-lighting available in white, amber, red, blue and green for a cool custom look that can really accent your machine. It includes a wiring harness and multi-trigger switch for a quick and painless installation. A 20-inch version of this Rigid light bar will give you 7,128 lumens of light, which can really add to the illumination of the trail in front of you.

E-Series Dual Row

The E-Series is the classic, versatile, all-around Rigid light bar. With its E-Series, Rigid bumped up the LED technology to more than double the raw lumens and added blacked-out circuit boards that provide a more refined look. Dual-row lights give you a massive increase in illumination over single row, so if you are in serious need of it, as in, you’re a serious nighttime rider, you should consider going this route. A 30-inch bar, for example, would look great mounted to the top of your cage on your machine and give you 32,700 lumens of light.

Radiance Pods

A Rigid light bar is just the start of what Rigid Industries has to offer. Sometimes a light bar isn’t the right call. If you need to add some light, but in specific spots, Rigid Pods are a great way to go. The Radiance Pod is built with the same high-grade aluminum alloy housing as you would expect. Nine hundred lumens of light each, these small cube-shaped lights mount just about anywhere. Perfect for mounting to the A-pillars of your ROPS, or in the rear of the machine to light up the cargo area. Different color options give you options for custom looks, too.

Chase Tail Light

One thing that is pretty tricky is following someone on a night ride, especially if the conditions are dusty. Trust us – we’ve been there. Even the best Rigid light bar in the front of the machine means nothing if the guy behind you can’t see you. In desert racing, machines are required to have chase lighting, that adds bright illumination to the tail lighting, so you can be seen. The Rigid Chase LED light has six modes, including brake, tail, strobe and courtesy – all of which combine to keep you visible to the guy behind you. Multiple color options add visibility and, of course, custom looks, too.

360 Series

Say you wanted to add additional lighting, but didn’t want a Rigid light bar, instead wanting the classic round-look of off-road lights? The Rigid 360 Series is for you. These tough, aluminum housing lights are pretty sweet looking and bright to boot. The 4-inch white LED lights pump out 3,020 lumens each and like the Pod lights, will mount just about anywhere. Mount several to your roof for a cool look, or mount them low on your bumper and use them like fog lamps on your truck.

How big of a Rigid light bar can I use on my SxS?

The better question is, how much light do you want and how much do you want to spend? Most full-size UTV cabs are big enough to handle up to a 50-inch bar, but you mostly see 40 inches as the max, simply because it gives you some additional wiggle room to mount and protect your lighting investment.

How bright are LED lightbars?

It varies from size and manufacturer, but for example, the standard halogen headlight produces around 1,500 lumens of light intensity. You also need to look at how light is cast. Focuses lighting, like spot lights, casts light forward, giving you better penetration into the darkness in front of you. That beam will be more focused, so you won’t see as much of the surrounding terrain as you would with flood lighting. Most good light bars, like Rigid, give you both in one package.

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