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Long travel suspension and skid plate among items available

Dragonfire Racing of Mesa, Ariz. has added to its line of accessories for the Kawasaki Teryx 750.

A new long travel suspension kit highlights Dragonfire Racing’s Teryx line. Providing a whopping 14-inches of travel, the kit is six inches wider per side than the stock suspension. The kit includes Elka shocks, axles, tie rods, brake lines and all new A-arms and can be purchased for $5,500.

For Teryx owners who like to push the limits of its capabilities, Dragonfire Racing’s full skid plate will provide some extra protection for the under carriage. Made from 1/8-inch 5052 aircraft aluminum, the skid plate retails for $599.00.

Also new for the Teryx is a door insert kit. Made from the same aluminum as the skid plate, the door insert kit adds both style and function to your vehicle. Dragonfire Racing is selling the kit for $175.00.

teryx accessories from dragonfire racing

If you are looking to upgrade your roll cage, Dragonfire Racing has designed a new two-seat cage that retails for $1,282.35. A cooler-rack is available for an additional $154.00.

For those who plan to add some extra seating, a four-seat cage is also available for $1,127.85 and comes standard with the cooler-rack.

Both cages can be upgraded to powder coat black or powder coat silver for an extra $200. A sun top will run an additional $475.00.

A new ignition is also available, which sells for $225.00. It comes with the proper wiring harness, increased RPM and new timing curve. This is a factory replacement ignition and works with all digital dashes and 4-wheel drive.

For $400, Teryx owners can pick up a race level CDI, which allows for a top speed of 57 mph and provides 31 rear wheel horsepower at 9,000 rpm. The CDI is shipped with a machine-specific harness that plugs directly into the factory wiring harness. A toggle switch on the unit allows the user to switch between two preloaded setups.

Default preload map will keep the factory limiters (speed) and similar power when the toggle switch is in position #1. When the toggle switch is in position all limiters are disabled and the timing is optimized for maximum power on 87 octane fuel.

Mapped for both stock and Dragonfire Racing intake and exhaust, the CDI allows the owner to get past the speed limiter and raise the rev limiter to 9,200 rpm. It also uses a more advanced timing curve for an increase in power.

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