Get the Power to the Ground With Axles From Moose Utilities

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If your ATV or UTV axles starting to show their age and need to be replaced, Moose Utilities has got you covered.

Nobody buys an ATV or a UTV for it to sit around and look pretty. We buy them to work and play hard, which causes parts to wear out over time. One of these part categories that will need to be replaced eventually is your axles. We all know how important axles are. They transfer the power from your engine to the wheels to make you go.

Modern independent suspension systems call for axles with more moving parts, which can wear out, especially if you run bigger and more aggressive tires. Luckily Moose Utility has replacement axles for most ATVs and UTVs that are a serious upgrade, and best of all, completely assembled and ready to drop into your machine to get you back out on the trail or worksite.

Moose OEM vs. Stock

The axles that came stock on your machine are great. No one will say a stock axle doesn’t work for a stock machine. The OEMs do a great job with testing and designing parts to match the parameters set forth by the company for the unit as it rolls off the assembly line. It’s when you take it home that things change. One of the most common accessories people add to their ATVs and UTVs is to swap out the tires for something that gets more traction and is maybe a bigger size. This adds stress to the axle and causes additional wear and tear. When an axle starts to fail, you have several options.

Moose Utility has one of the widest assortments of replacement and heavy-duty axles on the market. Starting with the OEM series, you can get a direct replacement axle that meets or exceeds OEM specifications and at a lower cost than a replacement stock axle. In most cases, you couldn’t rebuild your stock axle, let alone replace it for the cost of a complete Moose Utility OEM axle. All Moose Utility OEM Replacement axles are manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO9001 and TS16949 certified factory using precision-machined and heat-treated, chromoly-steel center-shafts, cages, races, and ball bearings that are as much as 35% stronger than the stock components. Moose uses induction heat-treated joints that are packed with high-performance moly grease for longer life and wear resistance. What's even better is that they come fully assembled and are ready to drop in and get you out on the trail soon.

Heavy Duty

When you are putting a high load on your ATV or UTV, with hard riding, bigger, more aggressive tires, and all the other fun things you can do with your machine, it might be time for a serious upgrade in your axles. That’s where Moose Utility’s Heavy-Duty Front and Rear Replacement Axles come in.

The Moose Utility Heavy-Duty ATV and UTV axles are designed to withstand gnarly conditions and rough terrain and be the toughest constant-velocity axles available today. They have precision-machined and heat-treated solid chromoly steel center shafts, cages, and ball bearings with induction heat-treated joints packed with heavy-duty, high-temperature moly grease for long life and protection. Moose Utility uses premium TPE dust boots for the best tear and puncture resistance. Dust boots are often the weak link in an axle assembly, but Moose is confident in its products. These axles are fully assembled and ready for drop-in installation. Moose Heavy-Duty axles represent one of the best performance upgrades from both a value and durability standpoint. If you ride hard and need your machine to withstand the trail, this is the way to go.

Axles for All!

Regardless of what machine you have, Moose Utility likely has an axle assembly that will fit perfectly. They have multiple options for most machines, and price points to match everyone’s needs and budgets. Whether your machine uses inboard CV joints or universal joints, there is a model for you. These are complete, drop-in axle kits for your specific machine and axle location. This is important because each machine is different and each axle location requires a matching axle. The nice thing here is that if you’ve ever tried to replace parts of your axle assembly, you know how much fun it isn’t to even attempt. Even replacing a CV boot is not fun, but it is doable. And if you tear a boot and don’t notice, you can wind up with unseen and unknown damage within your joints. If there is any question, using a quality drop-in replacement axle from Moose Utility is definitely the way to go. 

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