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New Monimoto 9 GPS tracker designed for off-road vehicles

Monimoto has announced the launch of its latest GPS tracker, the Monimoto 9, designed specifically for UTV and SxS owners. This new device, known for its dust and water-resistant features, aims to provide peace of mind to off-road enthusiasts by ensuring the safety and security of their vehicles.

New Monimoto 9 offers 12-month battery life and durability

The Monimoto 9 represents the next generation of Monimoto’s security tracking products. It utilizes both cellular signals and GPS tracking to provide real-time location data for vehicles and equipment. The system is activated automatically via a key fob; if the device senses movement, it immediately notifies the owner with a phone call. The Monimoto app then delivers detailed location data that can be shared with authorities to prevent theft or facilitate the quick recovery of the vehicle.

Weighing only six ounces and measuring 1.5 by 3.5 inches, the Monimoto 9 is compact and easily concealable. It is battery-powered, eliminating the need for wiring and preventing any drain on the vehicle's battery. The primary improvements over its predecessor, the Monimoto 7, include a more compact size and a rechargeable battery, which can last up to 12 months under typical conditions. Its durability and water resistance make it ideal for powersports users.

Bruno Rimkunas, co-founder of Monimoto, highlighted that customer feedback drove the development of the Monimoto 9, emphasizing the need for increased durability and a rechargeable battery. The device offers robust protection for a variety of off-road vehicles and outdoor equipment, including ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, outboard motors, and boats on trailers. Its GPS capabilities ensure reliable tracking even in areas without cellular service.

Protect your off-road vehicle with Monimoto 9 GPS tracker

Initially designed for motorcycles, Monimoto has expanded its market to include high-end bicycles and e-bikes with the introduction of the Cycloop Tracker in 2023. The rugged features of the Monimoto 9 make it appealing to ATV and UTV owners, as well as contractors and construction crews seeking to secure tools and trailers.

The Monimoto 9 is available through online retailers like Revzilla and Amazon, as well as at top motorcycle dealerships and accessory shops globally. It is priced at $169.99, which includes activation and two months of free tracking. After this period, a $49 annual tracking fee is required. Staff Staff

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