One of the first purchases many UTV owners make is a windshield. Here are the five best windshields available for the Polaris General and General 4.

The Polaris General,  General 4 and the new, wider Deluxe XP models are proving to be extremely capable and popular sport-utility UTVs. Part of the reason these machines have taken command of the recreational Side-by-Side market comes from a near perfect blend of comfort, power and versatility. One of the great things about the General is the wide assortment of accessories now available for the machine that let you customize it to suit your tastes.

Windshields are a very popular accessory for UTVs, with everything from lower-cost poly windshields, to half windshields and automotive-quality glass windshields available for those that like to control just how much wind they feel on their face. To help you decide what works best for you, we’ve put together list of what we think are the five best windshields for all the variations of the Polaris General lineup.

Polaris Lock & Ride Pro-Fit Fixed Glass Windshield

Polaris Lock & Ride Pro-Fit Fixed Glass Windshield

It’s pretty hard to beat a factory accessory option for a Polaris General windshield. After all, they had the most development time to come up with the best fit. Easily one of the best windshields for the General, this glass option slips on in minutes and can be removed just as easily. It has a full-seal against the ROPS frame and is made of sturdy laminate glass. You can even get a windshield wiper kit for it.

Moose Half Utility Windshield

Moose Half Utility Windshield

Moose Utility, that prolific maker of parts and accessories, has a sweet-fitting half windshield that is made from polycarbonate. It has stainless-steel and rubber mounting clamps for long life and vibration-free use. Rubber trim at the bottom helps keep dust and debris from sneaking in as you blast down the trail.

Seizmik Versa-Vent Vented Windshield

Seizmik Versa-Vent Vented Windshield

One of the best Polaris General windshield options we’ve seen is the Versa-Vent from Seizmik. It’s a cool idea in that you can get either a poly or a hard-coated poly windshield that has built in, adjustable vents to allow you to let in just enough air to help cool you down on hot days, or act as defogging vents on days when the outside moisture is conspiring against your vision plans. The whole unit goes in without tools and is sealed for tight fit.

Clearly Tough Full Folding Windshield

Clearly Tough Polaris General Windshield

Clearly Tough makes a couple of different Polaris General Windshield optoins, but the one that caught our attention is this full-folding, scratch-resistant design. This windshield is made of 3/16″ high impact polycarbonate and features a scratch-resistant hard coat that has been UV treated. Depending on the weather (and the dust) you can choose to have full front coverage or fold it down for a half windshield if that suits your needs better. The windshield installs to your General in minutes with Velcro straps and there is no bulky hardware to block your view. Made in the United States, the Clearly Tough full folding windshield is backed by a five-year warranty against cracking, crazing or yellowing.

SuperATV Half Windshield

SuperATV Half Windshield

SuperATV offers a Made-in-USA half windshield that is available in either clear or tinted and in regular or scratch-resistant models. Super ATV uses ¼-inch thick Makrolon polycarbonate, which is designed to be very strong and durable. The best part may be the price, which is outstanding for this level of quality. If you are on a budget, this is one Polaris General windshield worth considering.

How Do I pick the Best Polaris General Windshield?

Good question. There are pros and cons to each style of windshield. Poly windshields are less expensive, but unless you get the coated ones, they are prone to scratching and will eventually become cloudy. One dealer told me that every time he sees a customer put a cheaper windshield on their machine, he knows that soon, they’ll take it off and either go without, or spend the money they should have in the first place on a better, coated, or glass one. But do the cheaper ones have a place? Sure. If you only use the UTV occasionally, or use it in conditions that aren’t dusty or muddy, you actually will be ok for some time. The trick is to no scratch it up. I know an older couple that have a cheaper, uncoated poly windshield on their Polaris Ranger, and it holds up because if it does get dirty, they wash it off quickly.

Coated poly windshields cost just a little more than uncoated ones, and are much more scratch resistant than uncoated ones. A coated windshield is basically a standard poly sheet that is bonded to a thin layer of a much more dense and harder plastic. These windshields give great performance at a cost much lower than glass.

The best windshields are made of glass, but the cost can be prohibitive. A true automotive glass windshield often costs hundreds more than a poly option, but you’ll have extreme performance, with crystal-clear viewing. Always opt for automotive glass, and by this, I mean, make sure you’re getting true auto-quality glass. Automotive glass is also coated to prevent the glass from shattering. That is another downside to a glass windshield. It can crack and chip, just like your truck. Still, having tested the Polaris Lock & Ride Glass windshield on a General 4, it is a great way to go.

Do I Need a Rear Panel, Too?

In a word – Yep! If you put on a front windshield, you have to add one on the back. Not doing so creates a venturi  effect when you’re driving. Dust and extra wind will actually get sucked into your machine. You have to take the extra cost into account when planning out your wind-protection plans.

Shop for the Polaris Rear Panels

Why Should I Consider a Half-Windshield for my Polaris General?

Half windshields, or wind deflectors, work well, but in some cases gather dust when following other machines on dusty trails. A half windshield cuts the wind hitting you in the face by around 50- to 75%. If you’re driving your General in the wintertime, that helps a lot, but you’re going to get cold. Still, a half windshield is a great option and at a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to have the rear windshield with a half, but something to block the wind does help. I have a dual gun scabbard that I mounted that helps a ton. Just a thought.

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