Polaris Defense Awarded Contract With GSA

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Deal allows Polaris to sell electric vehicle to government customers

Polaris Defense has been awarded a new contract with the General Services Administration (GSA) to sell the Polaris all electric, on-road and off-road Low Speed Vehicle (LSV), known as the Polaris EV LSV, to government customers.

Polaris Defense currently sells a portfolio of vehicles via GSA, but under the new contract, the company can sell its EV LSV under Schedule 23V which is specifically for vehicles that meet the LSV requirements. According to Polaris, the EV LSV is the only four-wheel drive vehicle on GSA Schedule 23V.

“The award of this GSA contract allows Polaris Defense to provide an innovative, leap-ahead four-wheel drive, electric vehicle to our government customers, while giving them a centralized purchasing point to buy our products,” says Mark McCormick, managing director of Polaris Defense. “Using electric LSV vehicles such as the Polaris EV LSV directly supports the US Government initiative to ‘Go Green’ on its installations and facilities.”

The Polaris EV LSV is based off the RANGER EV platform, Polaris’ first off-road, electric vehicle, and includes the necessary features including horn, turn signals, automotive-quality windshield and rear view mirror, for on-road use.

Polaris claims the EV LSV’s 30 horsepower electric motor is capable of quiet operation and has a 50-mile range and 25 mph top speed. According to Polaris, it is the most-capable LSV available for government use. Additionally, the EV LSV boasts a 1,000-pound payload capacity, 1,250 lbs. of towing and On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive.

More information about the Polaris EV LSV can be found at PolarisLSV.com.

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