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Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler

Accessories to help you get the most out of your Ranger

Choosing the best Polaris Ranger accessories can be tricky. The Polaris Ranger is arguably the biggest name in the Utility market and there is a seemingly endless number of aftermarket accessories available from a wide range of retailers.

Polaris also has a strong dealer network and there are several Ranger models available at a variety of price points. With so many Rangers out there, there are a lot of options for customizing your ride and making it fit your needs better. With that in mind, here are the best Polaris Ranger accessories available today to help you enjoy your machine that much more.

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1. Polaris Pro HD Winch

A winch is a must have accessory for every machine. If you don’t have one, you should put a winch on the top of your list of Polaris Ranger accessories. It can help pull you out of a jam in short order. A winch can also give you an extra set of hands, so to speak, that can hold several thousand pounds. The best part about your Polaris Ranger is that it is more than likely already set up for one. While there are several really good winch brands out there, Polaris went and designed its own unit that works extremely well, and is a quick and easy bolt-on accessory. In fact, with the new Ranger 1000 machines, installing a winch can be done in less than 30 minutes. Polaris PRO HD winches come with synthetic rope, which is far superior to steel cable, and they have Rapid Rope Recovery, which helps you spool the line back on the winch after you’re done. They even include a wireless remote control. If you want a winch for your Ranger, this is a great option.

2. SuperATV Heavy Duty Plastic Roof

A roof is a great accessory for every Ranger owner. It keeps the sun off the cabin and the occupants, as well as rain and snow. SuperATV might just be our favorite accessory company and its heavy duty plastic roof for the Polaris Ranger is a great option. There are options to fit both full-size and mid-size Rangers. This one features 6mm plastic and is designed to fit with most aftermarket windshields and mirrors. It also comes with raised edges that are designed to direct waters away from the cabin.

3. Seizmik Versa-Fold Windshield

Many Polaris Ranger owners like having a windshield to keep you out of the elements while riding. Another option is a half windshield that deflects the wind but still gives you that open-air feeling when you’re driving. Seizmik has a great option that gives you both with its Versa-Fold folding windshield. It is made from thick polycarbonate with an automotive-quality gasket to seal it tight. Keep in mind that with a windshield, you need a rear windshield as well to keep dust from being sucked back into the cab.

4. KEMIMOTO Rear View Mirror

If you have ever used a rear-view mirror in a UTV, you know that it makes it easier to back up and to keep an eye on your cargo bed. In fact, if you use one, you’ll never want to be without one again. There are several that work great in your Polaris Ranger, but we are fans of this one from KEMIMOTO. This is a wide mirror with a convex viewing area, giving you a wider view of what's behind you. to adjust it, just loosen a thumb screw and move it anywhere the ball joint allows.

It should be pointed out that this mirror only only fits Ranger models with the drop-down mounting tab and will not mount on the ROPS. Check that your Ranger has this before purchasing.

5. Tusk 30" Curved Light Bar

Adding an LED lightbar to your Polaris Ranger accessories shopping list gives you a ton more light to really brighten up the trail. Your machine’s headlights are bright, but adding a good lightbar can make doing things at night much safer and more enjoyable. There are a ton of quality lightbars on the market, but one that stands out well for value comes from Tusk. Its curved LED lightbar kit has 60 LED bulbs with spot lights toward the front and flood lights to the side. This helps illuminate the trail with a whopping 11,250 lumens of additional light. It includes the mounting hardware and wiring harness.

6. Sedona Mud Rebel Tires

The various models of Polaris Ranger all come with decent all-around tires. For many of us, however, the terrain we ride on screams out for a good mud tire that can also handle other types of terrain. One of our favorites is the Sedona Mud Rebel R/T. More aggressive than stockers and a bit heavier, these tires make for ideal Polaris Ranger 1000 accessories. This is an 8-ply radial tire with 1-? inch deep directional tread. These have proven to be long-wearing tires with great sidewall protection. These will be great tires to get your Ranger into some really fun spots. Getting out, well, that’s up to you. Hopefully you already picked up that winch we talked about earlier…

7. Kolpin Stronghold Gun Boot

If you are a hunter, you already know how handy a Polaris Ranger is for all of your hunting adventures. They are an amazing way to get back into some deep country for hunting. You also know how important it is to safely carry your firearm in a secure manner, so adding a gun boot to your list of Polaris Ranger accessories is a wise choice. Kolpin makes the best gun scabbards and cases on the market. Its Stronghold case system is a simple and easy way to securely carry your rifle or shotgun. It even make a pistol case system for it.

8. Kolpin 3-Point Hitch System

While we wouldn't consider this for smaller models, one of the most useful Polaris Ranger 1000 accessories is a three-point hitch. If you work on food plots, landscaping or other stuff where you need to work in the dirt with your Ranger, you should really take a look the Kolpin Dirtworks line. The system creates a three-point hydraulic system off the back of your Ranger’s receiver hitch. From there, you have the option of plows, discs, rakes, blades and more. It gives your Ranger the power of a small tractor to let you play with the dirt and get the job done you want to accomplish. It’s a really sturdy and well-designed system.

9. Magellan TRX7 CS GPS

Adding a GPS navigation system to your Polaris Ranger is easy with all the options you have. One we've tested extensively is the Magellan TRX7 CS. Put this in your cab and you have access to more than 100,000 ORV trails that you can navigate with the device's touchscreen. Other features include a built-in digital camera with GPS tagging, Bluetooth connectivity, and one-touch social media sharing. The bottom line is this is a great off-road navigation system...and you can throw it in your tow vehicle, as it works just as well on the road.

Read our full review of the Magellan TRX7 CS here.

10. Best Polaris Ranger 570 Tires: Maxxis Bighorn 2.0

The Polaris Ranger 570 is in a unique spot for Polaris, in that there is a two-seat model available in the compact chassis, as well as a three-seat version in the full-size Ranger chassis. For the most part, Polaris Ranger 570 accessories can be the same ones used on the larger Ranger 1000 models. But there are some exceptions. When you are looking at aftermarket tires, for example, you might want to consider a slightly lighter tire than you would use on the larger Ranger 1000. While both machines come stock with 25-inch tires, the bigger engine in the Ranger 1000 can better handle heavier tires than the 570. So while the Sedona Mud Rebel we mentioned earlier is a great choice for the 1000-class Rangers, when choosing Polaris Ranger 570 tires, we'd suggest something a bit lighter like the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0.

11. Best Polaris Ranger 570 Grips: Kolpin Rhino Grip XL

Other great Polaris Ranger 570 accessories include the Kolpin Rhino Grip XL. Kolpin has designed some of these specifically for Ranger models and they install using the Polaris Lock & Ride plunger. Rhino Grips provide a lightweight and convenient way to hold on to everything from shovels to axes to fishing rods to rifles. The base allows these grips to rotate 360 degrees and they can also tilt up to 160 degrees in 40-degree increments.

12. Best Polaris Ranger 570 Storage: KEMIMOTO Bed Box

When you are looking for the best Polaris Ranger 570 accessories, you have to consider storage. If you want additional storage space that won't take up too much room in the cargo bed, consider this Kenimoto Ranger Bed Box. It installs easily with quick mount pegs and gives you a place to store smaller tools or anything else you don't want rattling around in the bed. And it leaves plenty of room in the cargo bed for larger items.

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