UTVs represent a pretty good investment of both your money and your enjoyment. The tires that come stock on your machine are usually pretty good all-around tires, but there are several reasons to consider going for an upgrade. You might want a more aggressive tread pattern for a specific kind of riding. Perhaps the riding conditions in your area call for a tire with better puncture resistance. There is always the reason that comes from countless hours of enjoyment – the stock tires are simply worn out. Maybe you just want some different tires simply because you do? Regardless of the reason, a new set of tires represents a significant investment. Here are five of the best UTV tires for the money on the market today.

Most Well-Known - Kenda Bear Claw

Kenda tires have had a reputation for many years as a solid, well-built tire that just seems to last. If we had written up this list of the best UTV tires for the money and NOT included the Kenda Bear Claw tire, we’d have gotten complaints from the readers. Kenda’s Bear Claw is a long-wearing intermediate mud and snow tire. It’s not the most aggressive tire, but it will work well in these conditions as well as on the trail. It has a 6-ply construction and has proven over the years to be quite puncture resistant. The best part of the Kenda Bear Claw is the price. You can outfit your machine with new tires for less than $400! That sounds like a best buy to us.

Best Brand You May Not Know - Tusk TriloBite

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC’s Tusk brand has quickly established itself as a high-quality, lower cost brand of accessories that offer great quality for the money. The Tusk TriloBite tire is a 6-ply multi-directional tire that is very similar in tread pattern to the Maxxis  Bighorn. It has sidewall tread that not only adds extra bite when deep in a rut or in uneven terrain, but also added protection from punctures. The tread pattern makes these tires suitable for a wide range of terrain types and the price, between $65 and $85 a tire makes them one of the best UTV tires for the money.

Best Mud Terrain - ITP Mayhem

Those of us that like to drive in muddy conditions know that stock tires don’t often cut it when it comes to getting real sloppy. You need a good mud tire to really handle the goo, but good mud tires can often cost a pretty penny. ITP is one of the biggest names in UTV tires. It has been at it for years and is one of the most popular brands going. The ITP Mayhem mud tire is a great tire for swampy conditions. They have a six-ply construction with a dual compound rubber that grips well and wears just as good. The open tread pattern helps push you through the muck, while the offset tread also handles well on hard-pack terrain between mud holes. At less than $100 a tire, these are some of the best UTV tires available for the mudder on a budget.

Editor's Pick - Sedona Rip Saw R/T Radial

We have been testing a set of Sedona Rip-Saw R/T tires for the last few months and have to say, they are an awesome tire. Super deep 1-1/8-inch deep lugs grip well in mud and snow, yet the siped tread also grips well in hard-pack and even rocky terrain. With a 6-ply, radial construction, these are some of the smoothest tires available that are this aggressive. They also have a deep sidewall tread that helps dig out of deep ruts. We’ve run ours in deep mud and snow and have never come close to getting stuck. At a price from around $100 to $150, these are a seriously good UTV tire for the money.

Best Rocky Terrain - STI Roctane XD

Another radial tire, the STI Roctane XD is a tough, eight-ply UTV tire that is designed for harsh conditions and long wear. The tire features STI’s RocGuard to add protection from punctures to the tire and sidewalls. These aren’t the least expensive tires out there, with models costing upwards of $220 each, but they make our list of best UTV tires for the money by being tough, durable and offering great traction in the roughest trails and environments. These are the prefect tire for rock climbing, desert trails, deep woods and more.

Who Makes the Best All-Around UTV Tires?

If you are looking for the best all around UTV tires and budget is very much a consideration, both the Tusk TriloBite and Sedona Rip-Saw would be good places to start.

With its Maxxis Bighorn-style lug pattern, the TriloBite should make for a solid all-around option – especially on hard-pack trails. Meanwhile, the Sedona Rip-Saw is a great tire for tire for the money. We suspect the Rip-Saw will handle sloppier conditions a bit better than the TriloBite and it shouldn’t suffer on hard-packed trails and fire roads.

Who Makes the Best Cheap UTV Mud Tires?

Mud tires are rarely what we’d call cheap, but the ITP Mayhem is an impressive UTV mud tire for the money. These fairly lightweight tires compared to some mud-specific options and they boast 6-ply construction and mud-slinging 1-inch lugs. Being one of the best UTV tires for the money helps, too.

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