Grip It and Rip It With Moose Utility Division Wheels and Tires

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Roll up in style with these killer options

There’s some truth to the old saying which states that the tires on your rig are technically the only things actually touching the ground. In other words, all the fancy suspension and driver aids in the world aren’t much good if you’re running a set of four balloons. Absent grip, you aren’t going anywhere.

Moose Utility Division has you covered for both practicality and looks. You might know MUD for their line of stout accessories such as winches and plows but they also have a raft of tire and wheel options for your off-road rig. There’s an option for just about every style of riding, no matter if you wheel in the woods, deep mud, or sand.

The Deep Stuff

It’s only appropriate that a company called MUD would have a wide range of tires designed for powering through the mud the same way Michael Phelps powers through breakfast. The suitably-named Aggro Tire looks ready for battle but it takes more than a good look to get the job done. This tire has a deep, aggressive tread for maximum traction plus a continuous tread at the center rib for improved traction properties. An 8-ply construction helps guard against that sharp stick lying in wait at the bottom of a mudhole.

Moose Utility Division tires in the mud

The Insurgent, meanwhile, looks completely different to the untrained eye, given its much flatter profile and tread design. However, its open-shoulder design and wide voids also make it a solid pick for the mud, though it’s said to do the job in snow and sand as well. A tire of this design will provide more contact area, which can be a trade-off with some surfaces but definitely adds grip when you’re blasting across hard ground back to the trailhead.

For a bit of all-around capability, MUD’s Switchback tire is another solid option. Its tread pattern is likely the most familiar to casual off-roaders, since variants of this design pop up on many different side-by-sides straight from the factory. Wide shoulder lugs spill over onto the sidewalls, adding a bit of puncture protection, while the broad footprint helps with traction duties on packed surfaces. They’re available in sizes up to 32-inch diameter and are stout 8-ply units at that dimension.

The Heavy Duty

Here’s a tire built for the heaviest UTVs on today’s market: Called the Rigid, its radial tire construction can bear the weight of brutish UTVs and, as such, is even DOT-approved for limited road use. Said to be very resistant to punctures, this hoop should do well in tough working conditions. Look for a wide footprint and firm 8-ply construction.

Moose Utility Division tires in snow

The 8 Ball tire has a similar mission, but offers a tread design that’ll be a bit more advantageous in muddy terrain. Its center rib feature twin continuous patterns that, combined with the shoulder design, fling mud and similar terrain out of your way with wild abandon.

The Gentle Touch

Not every application calls for tires more aggressive than that ‘roid rager at the gym. Plenty of businesses – and consumers, for that matter – need a tire on their off-road rig that won’t actively try and tear up as much ground as possible. Golf courses and resorts are really good examples where riders will need to get around some tough areas while also occasionally treading lightly. And MUD has an answer for them, too.

Tuf Trac features a 4-ply tread pattern design intended to provide an easy ride and not a ton of rolling resistance. Its directional tread pattern offers good cleaning performance, meaning it should spit out mud and gunk quickly after the transition back to flat terrain. There are many sizes are available to fit a vast range of 4×4 ATVs. Another option, called the Splitter, has many of the same attributes but are 6-ply and may be somewhat better suited for slightly tougher terrain.

Don’t Forget the Wheels

MUD also knows that many gearheads like to swap out the stock wheels on their off-road rig for something either a bit more stout or a mite more flashy. Yes, we see you in the back rolling your eyes at that last statement — but it’s true. MUD offers their 387 X in an assortment of snazzy colors including red and blue (there’s also standard silver and black for those of you who prefer a more classic look). They are available in 12- and 14-inch diameters and a slew of widths. Load capacities of these wheels stretch all the way up to 1300lbs in 14×8 size.

Moose Utility Division wheels ripping up the trail

Otherwise, beadlock wheels can be just the ticket to up your off-road game, and Moose Utility Division has you covered there as well. The 544 X line is a full beadlock wheel available in 14×7 size with a 5+2 offset. A trio of lug patterns are on tap to fit a few different brands of machine. Center caps are included, a relative rarity these days. And for those seeking a chonky wheel design that’ll look baller on any ATV or UTV, be sure to check out the 393 X series which is available in 12-, 14-, and 15-inch diameters.

Looking for more wheel and tire options for your rig? Visit Moose Utility Division to check out the brand’s full lineup.

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