New Yamaha Grizzly and Kodiak Exhaust Systems From Barker's Performance

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Barker's claims performance gains up to 25%

With the first official day of summer finally here, the engineers at Barker’s Performance are excited to announce two new products available for immediate purchase. After nearly a year of development and testing, working in conjunction with EHS Racing of North Carolina, the 2016 Yamaha Grizzly & Kodiak 700 full exhaust and slip on exhaust systems are officially released to the public.

The Grizzly exhaust systems from Barker’s Performance are quickly rivaling their flagship Raptor 700 systems in popularity. The 2016 models represent the third iteration of commitment to the Grizzly line of machines, as Barker’s also offers exhausts for the 2006-2013 models, and the 2014/2015 models.


The Slip On exhaust system is ideal for both Grizzly and Kodiak owners. The quick and easy install will deliver up to 6-horsepower gain, or 15%, and a 7.5-pound weight reduction over Yamaha’s stock exhaust system.

The 1-into-2 full dual system is where serious horsepower meets the Grizzly; Barker’s Performance saw 25%+ horsepower increase at the wheels. This system provides a 3-5-horsepower jump over the slip on system without any further modifications, for a total gain of 10 horsepower (yes, you read that right, a 10-horsepower gain).

Barkers Performance Dual Exhaust

With a single port motor, the initial thought of many consumers is surely to be ‘Why make a dual system over a single exhaust?’ To that Barker’s quickly responds, “Power!” The single exhaust system prototypes developed by Barker’s didn’t excite them enough when compared to the gains they achieved with their new slip on. When looking at what they had done with the Yamaha’s performance ATV the Raptor they had an “ah-ha” moment that duals on this single port motor may just be the answer. Sure enough, the 2016 Grizzly immediately came to life with the dual pipes!

Of course, as most Grizzly/Kodiak owners already know, these machines run lean straight from the factory, so a fuel controller is a must-have accessory to these systems.

Pricing & Availability
Barkers Performance Kodiak

Both the slip on and full dual systems are available for immediate shipping, starting at $395.00 and $899.00 respectively. See Barker’s Performance website to order online, or customers are welcome to place orders by phone.

Barker’s is working to develop a Performance Package for the Kodiak systems, currently slated to release later this fall. Stay tuned!

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