Best Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Accessories

Aaron Brzozowski
by Aaron Brzozowski

Get more out of your Mule with these upgrades

Looking for the right Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT accessories to outfit your full-size side-by-side for work or adventure? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Kawasaki struck a winning formula with the Mule Pro FXT, crafting a versatile, capable side-by-side with plenty of passenger space when you need it, and copious room for cargo when you don’t. Its 812cc three-cylinder engine and continuously variable transmission provide plenty enough get-up-and-go for whatever lies in the trail ahead, and its flexible Trans Cab system allows it to go from 3- to 6-passenger mode with ease.

Plenty capable right out of the box, the Mule Pro FXT provides the perfect foundation for you to customize and accessorize into exactly the sort of Side-by-Side you’ve been seeking, whether that be a rugged off-road adventure-mobile, a workhorse for the farm or ranch, or something else entirely. The options are virtually limitless, thanks to an expansive array of available aftermarket parts and accessories from windshields and storage organizers to full underbody armor.

Here, we take a look at the best Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT accessories available today, covering a range of uses and price points.

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1. Editor's Choice: Genuine Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Hard Roof

Many Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT models don’t come with a roof panel installed by default. That provides some cost and weight savings to customers, but leaves them high and dry – er, wet – should it ever decide to rain. There are numerous aftermarket roof option out there, but out of all of them, we recommend sticking with this genuine Kawasaki hard roof panel. The hard roof provides maximum protection from rain, snow, and debris, and unlike the many clear/tinted options on the market, it helps keep you and your passengers from getting baked by the sun, too. It features a lightweight, contoured design, and it’s molded from semi-rigid black textured plastic for a mix of looks and durability.

2. SuperATV 3-in-1 Flip Windshield

While we’re talking about protection from the elements, a windshield is another crucial piece of the puzzle, and something that should be on everyone’s list of Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT accessories. If it were our money, we’d spring for this 3-in-1 flip windshield from SuperATV, which offers superior protection and versatility in one well-built, perfect-fit package. What makes it so great? The large upper pane of the windshield is hinged, with one end affixed to a pair of struts that allow it to lock into three different positions, from fully open to fully closed. What’s more, the panes are molded from hard-coated polycarbonate that resists scratches and is “nearly indestructible,” according to the manufacturer, making it a safe, durable option that should provide many years of useful service.

3. Classic Accessories QuadGear UTV Roll Cage Organizer

UTVs typically don’t come with much in the way of organized storage, which is why this QuadGear UTV roll cage organizer from Classic Accessories makes our list of the best Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT accessories. It’s an inexpensive and brilliantly simple bit of kit, installing by strapping onto the top and side roll cage bars on your FXT, but boy does it make a difference. The organizer features seven zippered gear pockets, plus two “fast-access” end pockets for radios and cell phones – things that might need to be snatched in a hurry. Your stuff is kept safe by heavy-duty ProtekX6 fabric with an exterior coating and a water-resistant backing, providing outstanding defense against abrasion and inclement weather.

4. Chupacabra Offroad Rearview Side Mirror for UTV

If you’ve ever tried backing up your side-by-side in a tight spot, you know how invaluable a good set of side mirrors can be, which is why our list of the best Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT accessories wouldn’t be complete without a set. For our money, we’re going with these roll cage-mounted units from Chupacabra Offroad. They’re affordable, plenty stylish, and built to last with high-impact ABS housings and shatterproof tempered glass, making them tough enough for years of off-road use. They also provide a large view of the trail, with 4”-by-7.2” mirror class and a convex shape for a wide field-of-view, and an adjustable ball-socket joint in each mirror means you can position them just how you want them. Best of all, they ship with a lifetime warranty.

5. Warn Axon 45-S Winch

A good winch can get you out of a jam and is one of the smartest Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT accessories you can buy. One of our favorites is the Warn AXON 45-S, an impressively compact unit that uses Warn's innovative "motactor" unit that combines the motor and contactor. Features include 4500 pounds of capacity, 50 feet of Spydura synthetic rope, IP68-rated housing, digital control, and a corded remote. This is Warn's flagship powersports winch, so the price is on the high side. But if you demand the best of the best...this is it.

6. SuperATV Kawasaki Mule Pro Full Skid Plate

Whether you’re using your Kawasaki to tame the rocky wilderness or sticking mostly to well-groomed trails, accidents can happen. Keep those accidents from turning into massive repair bills with a SuperATV full skid plate. The Mule Pro FXT offers limited protection from the factory, but more protection is never a bad thing. This skid plate spans the entire underneath of the Mule Pro FXT with ½”-thick ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) polyethylene – one of the most durable, hardest-wearing plastics on the market today. Each one is made right in the USA, using top-of-the-line CNC routers and press brakes to ensure a perfect, trouble-free fit.

7. Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Tires

The Sedona Rip-Saw R/T is a versatile UTV tire we have really come to appreciate. It is built around a 6-ply rated carcass that is covered in 1-1/8" tread for great traction. In our experience, these tires work equally well on Sport and Utility UTVs due to their all-around performance. While not a mud tire in name, the Rip-Saw has enough grip to help you navigate muddy trails without being too rough for hard-pack terrain. They would be the perfect fit for your Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT if you like to have a little off-road fun when you aren't putting your UTV to work.

8. Sedona Spyder Wheels

If you want to give your Mule Pro FXT a new look, check out the Sedona Spyder wheels. These sharp looking wheels sport a beefy eight-spoke design with a pair of stainless steel rivets between each spots below the lip of the wheel. The wheels are built using A346 aluminum and feature a reinforced lip for some extra strength.

You can pick up the Spyder in 12- or 14-inch diameters. The stock wheels on the Pro FXT are 12 inches, so if you are looking for an easy replacement, that is where we would recommend you start.

9. KC HiLites C-Series Light Bar

Available in 10-inch, 20-inch, 30-inch, 40-inch, and 50-inch widths, the KC HiLites C-Series light bars make a great addition to the Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT. These would fall on the value side of the KC HiLites lineup. The 30-inch bar should provide plenty of auxiliary lighting with 11,760 lumens from its 56 three-watt bulbs that are available in spot and flood beam patterns. This light bar is IP67 waterproof rated, so it should be able to handle whatever mud and water you happen to drive into.

10. Neverland 4-6 Passenger UTV Cover

Much as you may want to, you can’t ride your Side-by-Side ALL the time. Eventually, you’ll have to keep it stored for a bit, which is what makes this Neverland UTV cover one of the best Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT accessories you can buy. It’s modestly priced, costing just a fraction of what you might spend on a genuine Kawasaki cover, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on premium features. The cover is made from UV- and water-resistant Denier Oxford cloth materials, meaning there’s no need to fret if it gets a little wet. And it features double-stitched seams for outstanding strength and durability. Other notable features include an elastic cord to keep the cover wrapped tight around your side-by-side, reflective stripings to make it more visible at night, and air vents to keep things from getting musty and mildewy underneath. There are plenty of UTV covers out there, but this one might just be the best bang for your buck.

11. Seizmik Overhead Gun Rack

If you plan to use your Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT as a hunting vehicle, it would wise to invest in a quality gun rack. This overhead gun rack from Seizmik mounts to your roll cage roofline and is able to safely hold two firearms that can be removed silently. Be aware that Seizmik makes several versions of this product, but the one we are linking two will fit all Kawasaki Mule vehicles.

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What size are the factory Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Wheels?

The Mule Pro comes from the factory with 12-inch wheels. If you are going to buy replacement wheels for any Mule Pro model, be sure to get ones with a 4/156 bolt pattern.

What size are the factory Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT tires?

The Mule Pro FXT comes stock with 26x9-12 tires up front and 26x11-12 tires in the back. You can choose a taller tire if you like, but be sure you have enough clearance and know that taller tires will be a bit heavier, which will affect performance.

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