Best UTV Cargo Box For Extra Storage

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

We look at some of the best storage solutions for your UTV

Sure, OE manufacturers are adept at making the most out of available onboard space, but adding a UTV cargo box can certainly up its practicality quotient. There are no shortage of shapes and styles of these things, so we’ve assembled an array of different options in the hope one or more of them will suit your needs.

The advantages these things provide cannot be understated. Adding covered (and sometimes water-resistant) storage to the bed or cab of your UTV helps make the most of that first word in its name – utility. Since there’s a solid chance owners of these rigs are going to use them for a combination of work and play, there’s never a bad time to add a bit of functionality.

Note that the majority of these boxes are machine-specific, meaning they’re designed to fit a particular make and model of UTV. This is done by manufacturers to make sure the UTV cargo box fits snugly and matches the contours of the rig. Be sure to check your application to be certain before hitting the check price button.

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1. Editor's Choice: Kemimoto Bed Box

Designed to fit the hardworking Polaris Ranger, this UTV cargo box is built to be placed in the bed of this machine. It has a large heavy-duty lid complete with a waterproof rubber ring design which is said to be good for sealing performance. Note the wording in that description; 'waterproof' refers specifically to the material of which the rubber seal itself is made, so it's best to avoid putting electronics or other sensitive gear in this cargo container lest it get wet after a good dunking in the lake. The side-facing design means it'll be easy to access from the side of your UTV.

2. Best Tool Box: UWS Matte Black Aluminum UTV Side Tool Box

If you're seeking to make your UTV look a lot more like the pickup truck in your driveway, this is a pretty good option for the task. Crafted from a one-piece tub made from welded 0.058-inch aluminum, it is said to be manufactured with thicker metal compared to most UTV tool boxes of its type. The lid is filled with a solid foam that maximizes structural integrity and helps prevent binding. Accessed from the side of a UTV, this side mount tool box features integrated gas strut lifts to make the lid self-opening after you pop open the handle. This, it must be said, is infinitely helpful when you've an armload of gear or that day's hard-earned catch.

3. Quadboss Expedition Box

Looking for all the world like a cargo box that goes on the back of a four-wheeler, this thing is actually designed to fit snugly in the bed of a UTV. While it is advertised as fitting a late-model Polaris RZR 900, real-world customers report that it fits just fine in models ranging from Wildcat Trail machines to rigs from CFMoto. Be aware there are indentations on the cab side of the box in order to specifically fit the Polaris, a design decision which eats away at some cargo space. Still, a full 75L (2.7 cu.ft) is nothing to scoff at, especially when it shows up in the form of a rugged unit with a lid that opens well past a 90 degree angle.

4. Kemimoto UTV Under Seat Box

Some UTVs are designed with a seat bottom that can flip up like a deck of cards. This is a great feature for hauling tall items, but one which can be made even more versatile with the installation of a water-resistant UTV cargo box. Its large capacity makes it a great spot in which to toss a few tools, perhaps a pair of gloves, or some snacks. Install mounts and screws are provided, so you'll need to break out the tool box - no big deal for the majority of readers in our audience. Total dimensions make the thing about a foot square, though its slightly tapered bottom may scupper the storage of an evenly shaped box.

5. Nelson-Rigg RG-004 RZR UTV Rear Cargo Bag

Not all soft-sided cargo bags belong on the underside of your UTV's roof. Some, like this example from Nelson-Rigg, are made from a type of nylon and are attached to the roll cage system of your UTV. This one features a quartet of zippered storage compartments, with the two main storage areas able to be combined into one thanks to a removable divider. The material is UV-treated so it should hold up well in the sun. As you'd expect, this item is advertised as water resistant, not waterproof.

6. Best Overhead Storage: Tusk Overhead Storage & Map Bag

In addition to the Tusk UTV cargo box, which is simply like many other of the options on this list, the company makes this unique and handy overhead storage bag. Strapped to the UTV's roof, it can provide much-needed storage for paper items like registration documents or trail passes, plus the scattered bag of beef jerky. The seller claims it attaches "in seconds" thanks to a hook-and-loop system but we will note that five minutes of fiddling still technically counts as "seconds". Also included is a handy see-through pocket that can be folded down into view for the odd time you decide to use a paper map.

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How much can a UTV cargo box hold?

Depends on the make and model of box. However, most UTV cargo boxes that are mounted in the bed of a machine generally hold around 3 cubic feet of stuff. Always be sure to double-check the weight rating on a box before loading it up with gear. In that vein, it's worth noting that added weight can change the handling properties of a UTV, so make sure to evenly distribute the added gear.

Are UTV cargo boxes waterproof?

This is a loaded question up there with "what do you want for dinner?" and "does this make me look fat?" Suffice it to say that very few items in this world are really and truly 100% waterproof, especially if you've sunk a UTV up to the top of its dashboard in a swamp. Its best to think of UTV cargo boxes as water resistant rather than waterproof, meaning it's never a bad idea to put sensitive electronics in a sealed plastic bag even when stored in a cargo box.

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