There are the big ATV/UTV tire companies that have multiple branches and have additional products like auto and light truck tires, agriculture tires and more. Many of these companies have been around for years and they are well known. Then there are the smaller tire companies that focus on a few select areas and build a solid reputation by making outstanding tires and wheels that perform and last. STI Powersports is one such company. It has built a strong reputation and there is some buzz these days around the industry about STI Tires. Whether you have an ATV or a UTV, there is an STI tire for you.

Roctane XD

STI Roctane XD

STI designed the Roctane XD as an all-around great tire for extreme conditions, regardless of the machine they are on. These are super-tough 8-ply radial tires that use STI Tire’s RocWall sidewall construction for puncture resistance in the sidewall. They also have STI’s RocGuard rim protection that protects the wheels from damage and strengthens the bead. The tread patterns in non-directional with large bar-style knobs and a rubber compound that grips rocks well, while still being incredibly durable. You can get them in a wide range of diameters, from 25-inchs up to 34. These are great STI tires for just about every machine.

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Chicane RX

STI Chicane RX

The Chicane is the tire for your high-performance UTV if you need a DOT-compliant tire that can handle rugged terrain. It is an 8-ply tire with reinforced sidewalls and a heavy bead protection with a rim guard. This tire will let you run lower air pressures when you want to crawl and not have to worry about your tires. The tread is made from split knobs and a non-directional patterns. The engineers wanted these STI tires to be lighter than some others, so they would run smoothly for DOT acceptance and be enjoyable for the driver. They hook up in a wide range of terrains, but excel at high-speed running in open conditions.

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Out & Back Max

STI Out & Back Max

If you ride mud, you may well be very aware of Out & Back Max. This tire is well known for being an excellent mud performance tire for UTVs. Mostly an 8-ply tire (there are a couple of smaller-sized 6-plys), this durable mudder has deep directional lugs that start out at 1.5 inches of depth at the center and extending to a full 2 inches deep by the edges. This gives you a flat tire profile and extreme traction. The lugs on these STI tires are stepped so they have flexibility to claw over obstacles. The sturdy sidewall and reinforced bead let you run low tire pressures to help with floatation. A truly great tire for extreme mudding.

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Tech 4 XC

STI Tech 4 XC

Switching things up a bit, the Tech 4 XC is a popular tire for sport ATVs. It has proven to be a strong selling replacement tire, too. The XC version of the tire comes in taller sizes and is a 6-ply tire. It has a lot of the same construction built into it that makes STI’s mud and off-road tires so durable. It is a serious trail and XC racing tire and it costs much less than a lot of its competition.

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Sand Drifter

STI Sand Drifter

That’s right, there STI Tires has something for the sand, too. The Sand Drifter is actually a set of tires, with a front and rear specific tire for optimal dune running fun. The front is a dual rib tire for steering while the rear tire is a paddle for traction. These 2-ply tires are lightweight, and have a wide footprint for excellent floatation. The sidewalls are reinforced at the bead to allow you to run as low of a tire pressure as possible for even better traction.

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X Comp ATR

STI X Comp

The X Comp is STI’s answer for the high-performance UTV owner looking for a DOT-compliant tire that is as aggressive as it looks. These are 10-ply, steel-belted radial tires with an aggressive tread pattern with angled shoulder knobs for added traction in  intense conditions. A reinforced sidewall and a deep rim guard help resist punctures and pinch flats, while the ride from the tires is remarkably smooth. If you’re looking for a perfect all-around performer for your UTV, this is your tire.

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Enduro XTS

STI Enduro XTS

When drivers asked for a true all-terrain, DOT STI tire, the Enduro was developed. This is an 8-ply, dual steel-belted radial with reinforced sidewalls and rim guards for serious puncture and pinch-flat protection. The tread pattern is truly multi-terrain with bigger, interlocking knobs that work well in rocks, sand and are even decent in not-so-serious mud. It gives a very smooth ride and is amazing on hard-pack terrain. STI Tires designed the Enduro XTS for modern, high-performance UTVs.

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Sometimes you finesse your way through the mud, poking and prodding your way around the mud hole until you find the line that will work for you. Other times you just slam into it and pound your way through using brute horsepower and aggression. The 8-ply R4 is the tire equivalent of the hammer you use to help pound through. It may look like a tractor tire, and that’s not by accident. It’s a narrow, 9-inch wide tire with deep directional lugs that are 1.75 inches at center, growing to 2 inches at the edge and designed to do one thing – dig through the mud and grab any traction available. Weight is kept to a minimum thanks to the narrow design. You want extreme, meet R4.

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Black Diamond XTR

STI Black Diamond

The Black Diamond XTR is a really aggressive all-terrain tire. These 6-ply STI tires have a V-shaped pattern with an over-center tread design that offers up a remarkably smooth ride. It is a great all-season tire, doing well in everything from sand to snow. The best part is the price. This is a true bargain in ATV/UTV tires that work very well in all conditions.

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Roctane X2

STI Roctane X2

Building on the successes of the Roctane design, STI Tires built the Roctane X2 for long-lasting trail performance. It is a 10-ply dual steel belted design with a stepped shoulder design and a deep rim-guard for puncture protection. What STI was going for was a tire at home in the desert conditions out west, or the deep woods of the eastern hills. They packed multi-edged tread that grabs traction when you need it most.

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What is the best STI tire for my machine?

Picking the best STI tires for your machine is a matter of knowing your driving style, the conditions you drive in most often and what you want to get out of the tires. For example, if you have one of the high-horsepower Sport UTVs, you should immediately be drawn to the newer tires designed specifically for those types of units. From there, look at your terrain types. Luckily, there are some really great new tires for multiple terrains, so you don’t have to feel stuck on just one. The steel belted radial tires that are DOT compliant are nice, even if you don’t intend to drive on pavement, as they work exceptionally well on hard-pack soils, too.

Why should I pick STI Tires over another brand?

Like anything, who makes the best tire is subjective to opinion. What we can say about STI tires is that the company is a smaller one, owned by enthusiasts with employees who are enthusiasts too. They do nothing but ATV/UTV and dirt bike tires, and ATV/UTV wheels. It is because of that determination and drive in a sport they are passionate about, that this company tends to make some of the very best, and well developed products. If the STI tire you’re looking at fits your needs and budget, you can be confident it will do the job.

What is the tallest STI tire available?

The R4 mud tire comes in sizes up to 35 inches. The Chicane is next on the list at 33 inches. There are several models available up to 32 inches tall.

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