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Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

Get the most out of your UTV with the right accessories

One of the great joys in UTV or side-by-side ownership is the vast array of UTV accessories that are available to turn the machine into something all your own. Whether you’re adding these items out of practical necessity for work or you simply like their appearance, aftermarket accessories are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

Knowing readers are interested in a variety of UTV accessories ranging from winches to windshields, we’ve assembled an assortment of items sure to amp up the usefulness or visual appeal of your off-road machine. Some of these products are universal in fit, while others are make and model dependent. Always be sure to double check your application before buying anything.

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1. Editor's Choice: SuperATV 4500 Lb. Black Ops Winch

You hopefully won't have to use it often, but no list of the best UTV accessories would be complete without including a winch. And while there is a long list of great UTV winch options out there, it's hard to beat the combination of features and price offered by the SuperATV Black Ops winch.

Available in a 4500-pound capacity with a 50-foot synthetic rope, this winch has everything we like. It is powered by a 1.3-horsepowre electric motor and features a 166:1 gear ratio, waterproof solenoid, heavy-gauge extended wiring, wireless remote control with up to 50 feet of range, wired dash rocker switch, and automatic braking feature. And SuperATV is one of the leading aftermarket brands in the ATV/UTV segment with excellent customer service. That's a tough package to beat.

2. Smittybilt 2" x 20' Tow Strap

Any off-road gearhead worth their weight in axle grease knows the Smittybilt brand name. This robust recovery strap measures 20 feet long, meaning you'll be able to pay out more than enough length to save the day. The strap is 2 inches wide and rated for 20,000 pounds - more than the weight of your lunchbox. It utilizes double-stitched webbing with a double hoop design, and its nuclear yellow color means you won't lose it in the dark. With this thing, snowbanks and mud pits don't stand a chance.

3. Rhino USA Ratchet Straps

This brand has a dedicated fan base; one look at its construction quality and feature count will explain why. Heavy duty padded handles are as easy to use as they are on the hands, while the coated S-hooks with integrated safety clips beat the tar out of straps which don't have that feature. Rhino USA says its exclusive poly/silk webbing ensures a tough yet soft strap; this is an attractive feature in a segment where most straps are as easy to coil up as an oak tree. They're available in a bunch of colors, as well.

4. Aurelio Tech Clear Windshield

Questionable spelling of certain model names aside, it's tough to argue with a poly windshield that checks in at under 100 bucks. Made to fit Polaris RZR models of various trims and years, this UTV windshield is said to be a good 1/4-inch thick making it very resistant against the likes of flying stones or other debris. It can be installed easily, with no drilling required. It is secured with a metal mounting hardware and rubber base seal which are both included.

5. QuadBoss Universal UTV Roof

Like the windshield shown earlier, make sure this roof will fit your UTV before splashing out the cash. However, that open area above driver and passenger in a single-row machine is roughly the same dimension on a lot of UTVs, meaning a lower-cost universal solution may just be the ticket. Made from durable polyethylene, it has a recessed design for additional storage and plays well with overhead storage boxes.

6. Maxxis Carnivore UTV Tires

Whether you're buying new tires to replace a worn out set or you're simply looking for more traction, fitting the right set of new rubber is one of the most effective ways to immediately increase the performance of your UTV. Maxxis knows a thing or two about tires, to the point their name shows up as OEM equipment on several popular models. These hoops have a tread pattern inspired by light truck tires and are said to be excellent for extreme terrain.

We have long loved these tires and you can read a whole lot more about them right here.

7. Boss Audio Systems UTV Sound Bar

What's the point of a good time without tunes? Nothing, that's what. This issue is easily solved by adding a sound bar, which is surely one of the most bragged about UTV parts and accessories on this list. And, if there are any haters, you can turn up the volume to drown them out. This sound bar has six speakers, several types of input, and a USB port for charging devices. The latest weatherproofing techniques have been utilized so if the weather decides to be anything but sunny, you can keep on riding (specifically, it has an IPX5 rating for the pedants in our audience).

8. Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS

Know where you are with this off-road GPS unit. It features a 4-inch color touchscreen with an anti-glare display, making it a good partner even when the sun is beating relentlessly from the sky. The GPS is sealed and rated IP67 for anti-dust/water intrusion. A buddy tracking system displays the current location of up to 20 members of your ride group on the map screen. It tracks speed in mph using either the GPS or wheel sensor.

9. Kimpex 85L UTV Cargo Box

Rounding out our list of UTV parts and accessories is this handy Kimpex 85L cargo box. Weather-sealed to keep out moisture, it is designed to accept a couple of different jerry cans up to 2 gallons in size (sold separately). Don't let the Kimpex brand fool you; this thing can apparently be snugged into a Polaris or Arctic Cat machine with relative ease. For the ultimate convenience, pop for the mounting kit to make installation and removal a breeze.

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Where to buy UTV accessories?

Be sure to check out our links above, since they lead to a variety of sites and sellers who deal solely in UTV parts or accessories. Look for a retailer that offers a range of product, since it is reasonable to assume they are invested in the segment and won't disappear overnight. As mentioned before, be sure and double-check your application before buying a product to make sure it will fit your machine. Returning stuff is a hassle at best and nigh impossible at worst.

Which UTV brand has the most accessories?

That's truly a loaded question, since all major brands seem to offer an endless catalog of accessories for their UTVs. After all, these companies exist to make money and there's healthy profit in this type of product. Some companies, like Polaris, populate their build-and-price tool with accessories, allowing them to digitally appear on a picture of the rig when selected. This is a great tool, permitting buyers to visualize what the accessory might look like on their own vehicle before spending the money.

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