Utility ATV

Utility ATVs

While the 1970 Honda ATC is the vehicle that brought the idea of ATVs to the forefront, this vehicle didn’t have a lot of utility. Early three-wheelers were, after all, machines designed for sport and recreation. But it didn’t take too long for people to realize that a Utility ATV could be quite a useful tool to have around when it came time to work.

If you look at the industry today, you’ll see that nearly every ATV available is designed to handle at least a little work. Today’s Utility ATVs are more powerful than ever and have towing capacities that belie their size.While the explosion of the UTV market has taken some of the shine away from ATVs, a lot of consumers don’t want a vehicle that large and still rely on the classic ATV to help get the job done. Below we will have a look at the Utility ATVs offered by each of the major manufacturers.

2020 Honda Utility ATVs
Honda Utility ATV

While early Honda ATVs were all about fun, today the brand makes some of the most reliable Utility ATVs in the industry. The flagship of the Honda Utility ATV lineup is the Honda FourTrax Rincon 4×4, which features a 675cc single-cylinder engine,three-speed automatic transmission, and independent front and rear suspension with prices starting at $9399. One step down is the Honda FourTrax Foreman 4×4, which is offered in three trim levels – Foreman 4×4, Foreman 4×4 EPS, Foreman 4×4 ES EPS. Each model relies on a 518cc single-cylinder engine and a swingarm rear suspension with prices starting at $7399. Another option is the Honda FourTrax Foreman Rubicon 4×4, which uses the same engine as the other Foreman, but features independent rear suspension and is offered in four trim levels: Rubicon 4×4 EPS, Rubicon 4×4 Automatic DCT, Rubicon 4×4 Automatic DCT EPS, and Rubicon 4×4 Automatic DCT EPS Deluxe. Prices start at $8699. Next up is the Honda FourTrax Rancher, which boasts a 420cc single-cylinder engine and the options of manual or automatic transmission. Eight trim levels are available: Rancher, Rancher ES, Rancher 4×4, Rancher 4×4 ES, Rancher 4×4 EPS, Rancher 4×4 Automatic DCT EPS, Rancher 4×4 Automatic DCT IRS, and Rancher 4×4 Automatic 4×4 DCT IRS EPS. Prices start at $5499. Last up is the Honda FourTrax Recon, which is powered by a 229cc air-cooled engine and swingarm rear suspension. It is offered in a base model and ES (electric start) with prices starting at $4299. Learn more about Honda ATVs here.

2020 Yamaha Utility ATVs
2020 Yamaha Utility ATV

Yamaha has a rich history of producing quality Utility ATVs and that continues today. The current flagship Utility ATV from the brand is the Yamaha Grizzly. The Grizlzy is available in three trim levels: Grizzly EPS, Grizzly EPS SE and Grizzly EPS XT-R. Prices start at $9899 and each model comes with a 686cc single-cylinder engine, Ultramatic transmission, wide-arc A-arms, power steering and 11.3 inches of ground clearance. One step down in the lineup is the Yamaha Kodiak 700. This ATV shares the same engine as the Grizzly, but it is a more compact and affordable machine with three trim levels: Kodiak 700, Kodiak 700 EPS and Kodiak 700 EPS SE. Prices start at $7199. The final option is the midsize Yamaha Kodiak 450, which relies on a 421cc single-cylinder engine and is offered in three trim levels: Kodiak 450, Kodiak 450 EPS and Kodiak 450 EPS SE. Prices start at $6499. Learn more about Yamaha ATVs here.

2020 Polaris Utility ATVs
2020 Polaris Utility ATV

Polaris shot to the top of the industry on the back of its RZR and Ranger UTVs, but the Minnesota-based manufacturer has a huge selection of Utility ATVs and the flagship is the Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 S. At the heart of this ATV is a 952cc twin that produces 90 horsepower and features include a generous 55-inch width, 14.5 inches of ground clearance, and 1500-pound towing capacity. Prices start at $14,999. The Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 shares the same engine and capacities, but is more compact and offers 12.5 inches of ground clearance. Prices start at $12,099. One step down is the still powerful Polaris Sportsman 850 ($8899), which boasts a 78-horsepower engine, 1500-pound towing capacity and 11.5 inches of ground clearance. The Polaris Sportsman 450 and 570 share the same chassis and suspension. The 450 offers up 33 horsepower, while the 570 produces 44 horsepower. Both models can tow 1200 pounds and 270 pounds of rack capacity with prices starting at $6249. For those looking for pure utility, consider the Polaris Sportsman 6×6 570, which has room for two people and features six-wheel drive and an 800-pound dumping cargo box. Prices start at $11,399. Another work-specific option is the Polaris Sportsman X2 570, which has 1-up or 2-up seating and has a 400-pound dumping cargo box. Prices start at $10,199. Polaris typically offers special and limited edition offerings for most of these Utility ATVs. Learn more about Polaris ATVs here.

2020 Can-Am Utility ATVs
2020 Can-Am Utility ATV

When it comes to Utility ATVs, Can-Am has a massive number of options with five different engines and an assortment of one- and two-seat models and more trim options than just about anybody. When it comes to the full size chassis, the flagship is the Can-Am Outlander 1000, which produces an industry-leading 91 horsepower. The Can-Am Outlander 850 produces 78 horsepower and the Can-Am Outlander 650 produces 62 horsepower. Each is offered in both one- and two-seat (MAX) variants. The 650 and 850 are offered in Base and DPS trims, while the 1000 comes with XT, XT-P, North Star Edition, X XC and Limited trims. Prices start at $8399. The more compact chassis is typically more affordable and is offered with two different engines. The base Can-Am Outlander 450 (prices starting at $6199) features a 450cc engine that produces 38 horsepower, while the Can-Am Outlander 570 offers up 50 horsepower. Both engines are available in Base, DPS, XT, Mossy Oak Edition, and two-up MAX trims. For pure utility, the Can-Am Outlander MAX 6×6 DPS 450 features six-wheel drive and a rear rack that can hold up to 350 pounds. Learn more about Can-Am ATVs here.

2020 Arctic Cat Utility ATVs
2020 Arctic Cat Utility ATV

The Arctic Cat Alterra line of Utility ATVs are available with 700, 570 and 300-class engines. The flagship of the family is the Arctic Cat Alterra 700, which is outfitted with a 695cc single-cylinder engine and features 10 inches of front and rear suspension travel, 11 inches of ground clearance and 1050 pounds of towing capacity. Prices start at $7999. The two-up Alterra TRV 700 ($9799) shares the same engine and boasts more premium features. The Alterra TBX 700 ($7799) is Cat’s working ATV and it comes with a 300-pound tilting cargo bed and a 3000-pound Warn winch. The mid-size Arctic Cat Alterra 570 relies on a 545cc single-cylinder engine and is offered in a base model ($6099) and a more fully features Alterra 570 EPS with a winch and alloy wheels. Finally, the Arctic Cat Alterra 300 (is Cat’s entry level Utility ATV and features a 270cc single-cylinder engine, swingarm rear suspension, and 500-pound towing capacity. Learn more about Arctic Cat ATVs here.

2020 Suzuki Utility ATVs
2020 Suzuki Utility ATV

Suzuki was the first manufacturer to ever offer a four-wheel ATV and the brand continues on today with its KingQuad family of Utility ATVs. The flagship is the Suzuki KingQuad 750, which is offered in a number of trim levels with prices starting at $8849. The base model comes with a 722cc single-cylinder engine, independent double-wishbone front and rear suspension, and 1322-pound towing capacity. You can upgrade to power steering or several different SE versions. Next up is the Suzuki KingQuad 500 ($7549), which is powered by a 493cc single-cylinder engine and the same towing capacity as its big brother. It is also available with power steering or SE versions. Finally, the Suzuki KingQuad 400 ($6549) is the brand’s entry level Utility ATV and it features a 376cc single-cylinder engine and swingarm rear suspension. Learn more about Suzuki ATVs here.

2020 Kawasaki Utility ATVs
2020 Kawasaki Utility ATV

Kawasaki’s Brute Force has long been a respected Utility ATV and that continued for 2020 with two different engine options. Leading the way is the Kawasaki KingQuad 750 ($8999),which features a 749cc V-Twin engine, independent four-wheel suspension, and a 1250-pound towing capacity. Speed-sensitive electronic power steering is available as an upgrade. On the entry-level front, the Kawasaki BruteForce 300 ($4299) is designed to appeal to new drivers or just consumers on a budget. Powering the smaller Brute is a 271cc single-cylinder engine and features include 500 pounds of towing capacity, 110 pounds of front/rear rack capacity, and a single-shock rear suspension. Learn more about Kawasaki ATVs here.


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